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History Channel

Discussion in 'General Titanica' started by Steven Christian, Apr 16, 2018.

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  2. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    I like their 2013 sinking animation, though.
  3. JessicaD

    JessicaD Member

    Pawn Stars gets a lot more viewers than some show about history. IRT is a big hit too.

    Trading Spaces was the single highest rated show in the history of cable (up to that point) - guess what TLC became.

    IIRC A&E said their highest rated show is Storage Wars - they even have theatrical trailers (aka commercial) for this season.

    Not only are these shows getting ratings, they are cheap to make.
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  4. I agree. Market forces will always win out in the end. But I think its time for them to change their name. Maybe to something like "The highly edited tv shows to make them look like something their not channel"