HMAS Sydney

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hi robbie! great link, i had a great uncle on the HMAS SYDNEY, my father used to tell me abut him, i finally tracked him down, & was shocked to see that he was only 18 when he's one thing to hear about it in school, or research it for yourself, but when you have a relative ( even if you never met him) that died it brings it so much closer to home
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I am Swedish, but I have a friend who lives in Brisbane. This summer he was on Frazer Island and photographed this shipwreck. Do you know anything about it? He didn't know anything more than that it was very famous in Australia.


Thank you very much - the loss of HMAS Sydney is of perennial interest to me, yet I did not notice the publication of this report.

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Having looked through the report I see that there are many recommendations - locate the wrecks, locate the body of that poor man on Christmas Island, and erect a memorial to the ship supplemental to those already existing. Do you know if any of these recommendations have been put into effect ?


Dave M. there has been no serious attempt to find the wrecks. Somebody claimed to have some wonderful new method for locating them but nothing came of it. As nobody has a clue where the wreck of Sydney lies, it's a pretty hopeless job, much harder than the search for Titanic.

I've not heard about a new monument.

The search for the alleged victim on Christmas Island failed. The story is well down the page at this site.
On the warships1 board I have had several discussions over the whole affair, and I remember the gentleman who claimed to have a new method of locating the wreck... and it was generally agreed by some of the learned gentlemen who posted on thos forums that the guy was being either incredibly optimistic or economical with the actualite...
Dave M and Dave G : I still find it bewildering going through records and archives, especially when you read such claims that HMAS Sydney was towed to Tokyo. Do either of you know if the Kormoran documents and survivors evidence is available online? By the way I have seen the memorial in Geraldton and I found it most impressive and fitting.
I found a video clip from British Pathe news of HMAS Sydney in port, July 25, 1940. She had just returned from sinking an Italian cruiser "Bartolomeo Colleoni" You can download the clip free of charge. Just enter HMAS Sydney in the database search.
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forgive my lack of knowledge,but is the hmas sydney the same ship that sank the emdem in november 1914?
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The HMAS Sydney under discussion was an ex-RN ship (HMS Phoebe).

The first HMAS Sydney had an altogether happier career, the highlight of which was Australia's first victorious naval engagement when she brought the Emden to bay in the Cocos Islands. She was paid off in 1928 and scrapped in 1929.

Here's a site which gives a brief overview of their respective careers: