HMB Endeavour Replica Run Aground

Inger Sheil

Dec 3, 2000
Here's a maritime incident I can report on first hand - I was on board HMB Endeavour when she ran aground on Sunday!

Sydneysiders would be aware that she was to participate in a parade of sail on her entry into Sydney Harbour, celebrating her return to her home port. I traveled down to Botany Bay with other Museum staff for the short trip up the coast to Sydney, where she was to enter the Harbour to the accompaniment of cannon salutes etc. Even Lightoller's Fort Denison was to fire off a welcome.

We were barely underway when she ran aground. I was moving forward at the time, and can report that, like Boxhall, I didn't miss a stride
. A quick sound off from the crew, a checking of passengers names and sounding of the hull, and then the tugs were there to haul her off. It took over an hour, with news helicopters circling. Finally she was free, and we were disembarked by the coast guard and bussed back to the reception, where a good time was had by all in spite of the fact that she didn't arrive until after dark after she'd been given the go-ahead to proceed up the coast.

Interesting range of theories as to what happened. I won't speculate ahead of any investigation (although I have my own views), but among the many ideas bandied about was the half-serious viewpoint that it was the ghosts of Cook's original Endeavour crew - the incident took place right in front of the memorial to Cook's landing site.

Trevor William Sturdy

Probably not what you were expecting Inger, but something to tell you're friends about for sure. Shame you didnt get to continue the run up the coast. It's good the Endeavour wasn't damaged. is reporting that a cruise ship "Norwegian Dawn" was slammed by a 21 metre wave off Florida. Apparently the wave smashed windows on the 9th and 10th floors and flooded 62 cabins - glad not to be on that one.

Dec 8, 2000
As I wasn't able to ship out from the UK on her for this voyage (as cargo if nothing else), I'm pleased to be able to report that whatever happened it had nothing to do with me. Grand experience for you though, Inger.

I'll look forward to learning further details.

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