HMS Alliance

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Paul Rogers

Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit the R.N. Submarine Museum based at Gosport, Hants.

The star of the show is HMS Alliance, an Oberon class diesel-electric boat. She was laid down in 1944 although our guide informed us that she wasn't launched until 1948. This is the only walk-on submarine exhibit in the UK.

I've attached a photo below. Resolution has suffered a bit with the need to keep the image size small. It's difficult to tell from this photo, but the hull plating appears to be in a very poor condition. I'm sure the pressure hull itself is in better shape.

If anyone is interested, I have a few internal and external shots that I'm more than happy to post to the board.
She's a fine looking beast.
It's worth mentioning that if you're in the UK you can check out the opposition too. The u-boat U534 which was sunk in action and salvaged during the 90's is on display in Liverpool

Paul Rogers

Here's some more photos of HMS Alliance. As mentioned previously, the resolution is a tad poor as I have had to keep the image sizes small.

Firstly, a shot of the propellors. You'll see what I mean about the shell plating!

Paul Rogers

Finally, the aft torpedo compartment.

If anyone is interested, I'm happy to email larger copies with better resolution. I've also got a few shots of the first ever British submarine, Holland 1, now salvaged and on display.

John Meeks

Indebted for the photos...!

There's quite a few good 'sub' sites out there - give me a day or so and I'll post all the links I know.

If anyone is interested in submarine art, for instance, try out of the UK - you might even get to see one of my paintings there (snigger...!)

Great photo's...


John M
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