HMS Bounty

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Ken hogan

Does anyone know if anyone had ever dove to the wreck of the Hms Bounty off of Pitkarn Island and if so, what's down there? Im really interested in this any any response would be greatly Appricated.
The Bounty...what's left of her...has been explored, and quite a few decades ago. I read about it in a National Geographic book on ships and the sea when I was a child. I wish I knew where it was, so I could give you something more specific.

Michael H. Standart
Just back from Auckland, NZ, where I spent a lovely afternoon at the National Maritime Museum. Amongst its many excellent exhibits was this treasure: HMS Bounty's anchor. It was recovered from a coral reef off Tahiti, and it's remarkable how much of it is left. If the photos work out, I may be able to post a small picture. (Unfortunately I didn't have my tripod with me.)

Inger Sheil

Good stuff, Fi - I'd be interested in seeing the shots. I was just reading some of Lt. J. Shillibeer's A Narrative of the 'Briton's' Voyage to Pitcairn's Island, etc., etc., the other day, and it brought the Bounty story back to mind. I recieved your PC by the way - what a subject near and dear to my heart!

Speaking of maritime museum photos...I have the sneaky suspicion that I didn't send you the James Caird shots, did I? And I need to tell you the 'smelly sledge dog' story I've just heard from colleagues.
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