HMS Royal Oak

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Unfortunately, as Erik points out, this problem is not unique to the Royal Oak. The USS Arizona still has most of her fuel oil aboard and she is doing what ships always do when sunk in salt water; Corroding away to rust. One of these days, those tanks will be breached and then there is going to be quite a mess to deal with if something isn't done about it in the near future.

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From The Navy News:

Deep respect for Royal Oak

THIS haunting image shows one of the the greatest — and most tragic — names in the annals of the Senior Service, 70 years after the waters of Scapa Flow closed over her.

This is the wreck of HMS Royal Oak as seen by the men of the Northern Diving Group who inspected her.

Photojournalist and diver Simon Brown ( was invited to join the divers as they visited the upturned hull to mark the 70th anniversary of her loss. This is his account of the dive:
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