HMT Olympic model’s propellers


A model of RMS Olympic I purchased online came in the other day. Upon inspecting it, I happened to notice something odd about her propellers. All three seem to be four-blades propellers. Which is odd, because her propellers has always been notes as “Two bronze three-bladed wing propellers. One bronze four-bladed centre propeller.” This is true when you look at photographs of her propellers. Though none of the photographs are of her during WW1, so perhaps two of her propellers might have been changed during the war? But photos of her drydocked during the last couple years of her career show the 2 three-blades and the center four-blade, so this can’t be the case?

I afraid to say that the model might just be cheaply made and inaccurate than based on any real modifications to Olympic. They probably only had one propeller mold and didn't want to make another one. This model probably also only has 20 lifeboats instead of them lining the entire Boat Deck since it's a reused mold of the Titanic model.

I'm sorry.

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