HMVS Cerberus

Jim Hathaway

Dec 18, 2004
I ran across an interesting website about HMVS Cerberus, a twin turret breastwork monitor of about 1868.
There is a organization to save her. (She is in extremely poor condition, and saving the turrets might be a major victory.
An interesting ship! There is a downloadable paper model of her on the website that looks excellent! I am tempted to use it for patterns to build a model from styrene. (or in the future, a larger RC model)
Being that the transportation system was still in force when she arrived, the name chosen was particularly apt.
Dec 8, 2000
Years later, Save the Cerberus is still going, with a Save the Cerberus Exhibition being held at Pivotal Galleries, Richmond, Vic, this October:

An exhibition of contemporary artwork depicting aspects of the Cerberus alongside 19th Century paintings of the ship, photographs and artifacts .

The Cerberus is a revolutionary design 1860s ironclad monitor, currently a breakwater off Black Rock, Melbourne, Victoria. This exhibition is part of an ongoing campaign to save this nationally and internationally important piece of Maritime history.
You can see some of the new works submitted here:

And slightly different mix of works, including prices, here:

No matter what your opinion is of the campaign to raise and relocate HMVS Cerberus, I thought some may enjoy the images.​