Holy Cow US Submarine Slams into Underwater Mountain

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Oct 13, 2000
The USS San Francisco going 30 knots, smashed into an uncharted underwater mountain about 350 miles south of Guam.

Half the crew was injured in the incident, one man died from his injuries. The outer hull was completely destroyed, but amazingly, the inner hull was not breached. Astonishing that a submarine could sustain that sort of damage and survive.

Here is one of the news articles:


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Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
If the pressure hull had been breeched, I don't think she would have.

I was told by one sub driver that a Los Angelas class attack boat only has a single watertight door on the entire ship. (Torpedo tubes notwithstanding.) I don't know if I can quite buy into that. However, I've been aboard two of these craft and can testify that I saw no such doors in the forward section where most of the crew works and lives. That would be a LOT of hull volumn to have fill up if that bulkhead hadn't held up. Nearly a third of the ship's length. I don't think these boats have enough reserve boyancy to survive that.
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