Holy Moses It's a Midlands Mystery

Mar 28, 2002
12th April edition of the Wolverhampton Express & Star-

(Paraphrasing): Graham Phillips, Coventry-based author, claims he is a solver of historical mysteries by stripping away all the mystique etc and coming up with a mundane answer. In his latest book "Moses Legacy", he writes that a ceremonial staff uncovered in Jordan 150 years ago may be the "Rod of God" with which Moses performed many miracles. Covered in Egytian hieroglyphs, it was bought in the early 20th century by American collector Stanley May. He was due to take the Titanic with his family and atrefacts but at the last minute his wife persuaded him to take a touring holiday in Ireland instead. The posessions ended up in the Metropolitan Museum in New York but were donated by a relative in 1927 to Birmingham City Museum. This author also claims:
1. King Arthur was a ruthless killer
2. Shakespeare was a drunk and part-time spy
3. Biblical plagues in Egypt were caused by a volcano
4. The Holy Grail is nothing more than an English family's heirloom (Indiana Jones - are you getting this?)
5. Christ's mother is buried on Anglesey off North Wales


Nov 12, 2000
certainly, the concept of biblical plagues being the result of a volcano is not original to this guy. several authors have theorized that the explosion of the island of Thera in the Mediterranean around 1650 B.C. could have caused many of the plague like events that occurred in Egypt according to the Bible.

it is a fact that Thera, a volcanic island, literally blew itself to bits, destroying a prosperous Minoan city. it is theorized that the resulting tidal wave and ash cloud that spread eastwards created havoc with many of the civilizations along the shores of the Med. it weakend the Minoan civilization enough that the Greeks were able to come in and pretty much take the place over. many authors believe the Thera explosion was the basis for the legends of Atlantis.

none other than our favorite pop-scientist Charles Pellegrino wrote a book on this subject about 10 years ago. it is called Unearthing Atlantis, and covers all this information as well as telling a great deal about the excavations on Thera which are expected to take decades to complete. the book highlights the efforts of the two archaeologists most responsible for bringing the buried city to light, Spyridon Marinatos & Christos Doumas.

of course, Pellegrino also unearths the mummy aboard Titanic myth, so as is usual with his books, you have to be wary of his literary excesses!

Paul Rogers

Nov 30, 2000
West Sussex, UK
Boz, don't be polite for the sake of it. Give it to me straight - what do you really think of Phillips' work?

Nov 12, 2000
Hi Boz,
I was just joshing with you. I have little doubt Phillips is not playing with a full deck, does not have both oars in the water, is a few fries short of a Happy Meal, etc. etc. etc.

best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T

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