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Jose C. Rivera de Cosme

I know there were about 3 couples on their Honey Moon. Besides the Spanish couple on their Honey Moon (Victor Penasco y Castellana did not survive). Where there couples that did not survive?
Apr 26, 2005
Jose: Colonel and Madeleine Astor were in an extending honeymoon on the Titanic. Mr Astor was drowned. There is also Daniel Warner Marvin and his young bride Mary. Mr Marvin did not survived the sinking. Lucian Philip Smith and his wife Eloise were, too, enjoying their honeymoon trip on the Titanic. Mr Smith perished. There is probably other couples in second and third class, but my expertise centers almost on first class passengers. Hope I helped you a little! Regards,


PS: I heard that there was more than 18 newly married couples on the ship. Seven were first class. (Dick, Astor, Marvin, Snyder, Peñasco, Bishop and Smith).
Mar 20, 1997
After having read an expired thread on honeymooners on the Titanic and noting that only the First Class couples were recalled, I remembered several others from 2nd and 3rd Class.

The couple outside of First Class that I have seen the most published on are John and Elizabeth Chapman. Mr. Chapman had returned to England after living in the U.S. and Canada, married the former Sara Elizabeth Lawry at Christmas 1911 and was then taking her back to the U.S. Apparently traveling the Titanic was intended as a belated honeymoon. The Chapmans are considered by some to possibly be the "Western" couple that Lightoller encountered, where the woman turned down his offer of a lifeboat by saying "we started together, we'll finish together." The couple perished.

I believe other 2nd and 3rd Class honeymooning couples are: Mr and Mrs. Edward Beane (2nd) who both survived and in Third Class: Neal and Eileen McNamee, married three months, both perished; from Ireland, Thomas and Hannah O'Brien; from Norway, Pekka and Elin Hakkarainen and from Lebanon, Antoni and Celiney Yazbeck (in the latter three cases, only the wife survived).

Anyone know of others not mentioned in this message or in the old thread?

Dec 12, 1999
Arthur -
I thought I saw on one television program that Third Class passengers Edvard and Elin Lindell, of Helsingborg, Sweden, were newlyweds. However, this site doesn't say anything to that effect - - only that Elin's wedding ring was recovered from Collapside "A." Perhaps someone out there has more specific information on the Lindells?


Feb 18, 2010
I'M trying to find out more about Mary Marvin in the years following the sinking. If any body has any info please contact me

Cynthia Jean Brown

Neal and Eileen McNamee were newlyweds (January 17th) and on their honeymoon, although Neal was also taking a new job in America. They were third-class passengers. -Cynthia Brown

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Andrew Maheux

Dec 4, 2000
I think she died in oct,1974. I have the exact date at home and will post it to you. This information comes from Michael Findlay


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Andrew Maheux

Dec 4, 2000
Hi I just wanted to organize the list of the woman who were pregnant, and the honeymooners from one of the other posts.


Victor and Josefa Penasco
Dickinson and Helen Bishop
George and Dorothy Harder
John and Nellie Snyder
John and Madeleine Astor
Albert and Vera Dick
Daniel and Mary Marvin
Henry and Clara Frauenthal
Lucien and Mary Smith (possibly)
Edward and Ethel Beane
John and Elizabeth Chapman
Neal and Eileen McNamee
George? and Celiney Yasbeck (possibly)
William and Anna De Messmaeker (possibly)


Helen Bishop (lost baby)
Marion Kenyon (lost baby)
Mary Marvin
Argenia DelCarlo
Adele Nasser (lost baby)
Juliette Laroche
Ada West
Mary Corey (possibly)
Maria Backstrom
Hannah O'Brien

Possibly Conceived aboard Titanic-

Ethel Beane
Kate Phillips

If I am wrong on any of these please feel free to correct me.


Andrew Maheux
Apr 16, 2001

Mary Eloise Smith was pregnant at the time of the sinking, and was on her honeymoon. She gave birth to a son, Lucian Philip Smith Jr., in November of 1912.

Also, Adele Nasrallah was a newlywed although she was barely a teenager at the time of her marriage to Nicholas Nasrallah.

Hope this helps.

Dec 12, 1999
So three out of eleven pregnant women, who survived the disaster, lost their babies. That seems to be a lot--almost 30%. I'm sure infant mortality was much higher back then, but still, that seems high. Does any one think that the babies' deaths may be attributable to some lingering effect that the distress had on these women from the Titanic disaster, i.e., losing their husbands, and such?

Ben Holme

Feb 11, 2001
Hi Jan,

I believe it did have some effect. Mrs. Fred R. Kenyon in particular took a very active role in boat #8, rowing from the ship comforting the other women etc, and this may have been an additonal factor which led to the death of the baby (i.e besides losing husband, cold etc).
Dec 12, 1999
Thanks, Ben. I've asked this before and never received any response: does anyone know if Edvard and Elin Lindell, who died in Collapsible A, were newlyweds? It seems to me I heard that somewhere. Elin's ring, of course, was found in the collapsible.

gordon atkin

Mar 18, 2006
No doubt this question has been asked before although I cannot find the thread!!
Does anyone have a list of honeymoon couples on the voyage please?
Many thanks

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Kelly Tryon

Dec 3, 2006
In "A Night To Remember" by Walter Lord, it says "Mrs. Celiney Yasbeck- a bride of 50 days- ran out into the corridor with her husband..."

So she must have been newlywed too.

Although I can't seem to figure out why in the book her name is spelled "Celiney Yasbeck" and in the back of the book on a passenger list, she is listed as "Salini Yazbeck". It also says that her husband's name was Antoni (in the passenger list in the back of the book I have).


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