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Discussion in 'Animals on the Titanic' started by Christine McCrea, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. I have recently moved to a house in Scotland which was once the home of a very famous Hackney stallion Mathius. Im told that several of his offspring were on board the Titanic but am yet to find any proof. Could anyone tell me if there were any horses on board the Titanic.

    Thank you for your help.
  2. Thank you, I seemed to find many animals but same as you - no horses!!! Sometimes stories have a way of growing arms and legs over the years!
  3. >>Unless someone can prove me wrong?<<

    Uhhhh...I don't expect that this is going to happen. A horse is a large enough animal that it would have been impossible for anybody to fail to notice them. Nobody did!
  4. Dieter Klimow

    Dieter Klimow Member

    There seems to have been at least one horse on the Titanic: Titanic horse
  5. Senan Molony

    Senan Molony Member

    Survivor Mary Agatha Glynn told the New York Herald in April 1912 that she had heard ‘neighing horses’ when the Titanic sank.

    She was mistaken, of course. The creatures making those sounds were probably human.