How about rating the casts in the "Other Titanic Movies" ?

May 3, 2005
There is a thread about rating the cast in the 1997 "Titanic" movie.
What about some of the others ?

1953 "Titanic" ( I know.....It's at the bottom of everyone's list.....But these are just my "IMHO"s....But it was the first "Titanic" movie I had seen.)
Brian Aherne - Worst physical portrayal of Capt. E.J. Smith
Edmund Purdom - I thought he was a good Lightoller
Robert Wagner and Audrey Dalton - A better pair than Di Caprio and Winslet

1958 "A Night To Remember"
Michael Goodliffe - My #1 choice for Thomas Andrews
Tucker Mc Guire - Comes off as a "too hick" portrayal of Mrs. J.J. Brown

There was a TV series (Can't remember the date or the title)
George C. Scott - Comes off as if General George S. Patton was the Captain of the Titanic
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robert warren

Feb 19, 2016
Worst portrayal of Molly Brown was Marilou Henner in the miniseries you just mentioned.I thought Beverly Ross who played Madeline Astor in SOS Titanic was good as she resembles the famous picture of her in the lace dress,gazing upward.Harry Andrews who played Captain Smith in the same movie was a decent choice.
May 3, 2005
1953 Titanic-
Frances Bergen - A bit old to be playing the part of Madeline Astor
Also showing Astors coming out of inside stateroom

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