How are original survivors doing

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Mar 20, 1997
I just realized that though none of them were anywhere close to the terror attacks, can anyone give us an update of how Millvina Dean (and if in contact with them) Lillian Asplund, Barbara Dainton and Winnifred Van Tongerloo are faring in the aftermath of this worldwide tragedy.

I find it to be an incredibly ironic and sad distinction to have lived to witness this unimaginable event after surviving what was considered the most tragic event of it's time so long ago. I'm hoping that they are not too shaken or even worse to contemplate, lost anyone close to them on 9/11.

Any word on them as appropriate would be greatly appreciated by myself and also by most everyone else on this forum.

God Bless,

Jan Kite

Hello Arthur. Millvina is doing very well and going all over the world with Bruno. She recently had a hip op butis recovering great.She went to the Autographia Fair in May {Northampton)and opened a restaurant called 'Titanic' --what else! that was in Cobh Ireland.I am sure we all wish her well.Jan BTS
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