How did you honor the 96th anniversary of the Titanic sinking

Jan 7, 2002
To honor the 96th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, I drove down to Francis Millet's grave to pay my respects. Since I got home,I've surrounded myself with my Titanic connection, and have been watching a marathon of every Titanic movie and documentary I own- What did you do on the anniversary?
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>What did you do on the anniversary?<<

Went to work and thanked all the gods in our various religious pantheons that my income tax returns were already done a month ago.

Beyond that, there isn't really much I can do right about where I live. nobody around here cares a lot and about the only Titanic related sites I know of are on the other side of the state.
Jan 7, 2002
Whoops, brain freeze- I meant to write I surrounded myself with my Titanic collection (not connection)- But I suppose my Titanic collection is my connection to Titanic...

I hope the Titanic exhibits and Titanic museum in Branson did something nice-
Sep 25, 2004
I watched ANTR, Death of a Dream/The Legend Lives On, and read Ballard's "Discovery of the Titanic" up to 2:20. I then held a moment of silence. I went to bed soon afterwards, but it took me awhile to get to sleep (Bad dreams I guess).

John Clifford

Mar 30, 1997
I went to work, and checked the posts on ET, when I had some free time.

Like Michael, I was thankful that my tax returns were filed several weeks ago (always do that when a refund is due me), and reminded my coworkers that if any questions were raised about Post Offices open late tonight (it's now about 9:50 PM in Southern California), that the location near LAX will be open 'til Midnight.

I, too, could not stay up until 2:20 AM, due to having to get up and be at work.

I think that 2012 will be the next time I take time off for Titanic activities on April 15th.

I will check to see if I am registered for the 2012 Cruise; had posted $150 a long time ago.
Jun 12, 2004

I stayed up until 2:20am in remembrance of those lost that night.

Hey, Matthew,

Remember that we, here in Michigan, are approximately 3 hours behind where the Titanic sank, so the correlative time would have been around 11:20 p.m., if that makes any difference.​

Dana Cantu

I posted some more of my posters and my Titanic lunch menus and a mock newspaper of the sinking, and I watched James Cameron's "Titanic" Disc 2, the part of the sinking.

Beth Barber

Jun 7, 2001
My daughter Katie (7yr) and I worked on her Titanic project for school. And we read her Magic Treehouse book on the Titanic. I thought about watching Titanic 97 - but being that it is a week night - and 4:30 comes around so early!! I opted to wait til the weekend! - Beth
May 27, 2007
Like Beth I told my daughter a story about Titanic but left out the sinking. She's Two and I didn't want to upset her. Other then that is was an ordinary day. Although a Lady where I work knows about my interest in Titanic and commented on the Anniversary we ended up discussing the Lusitania. In fact today she picked my brains about that Ship. I though about lighting a candle like I did for the 90th Anniversary but decided not to because my two year old. Plus it was an early day today so just went to bed.
Aug 2, 2006
I thought of those on the Titanic and went to the artifact exhibition in Hartford, CT. I also wrote a letter to Millvina Dean saying my thoughts were with her.

Holly Peterson

This sounds really quirky, but whenever I had to hand in an assignment to my teachers this week I would write a little something about the Titanic under the date on the sheet of paper. For example, when I handed in a Science quiz on the 14th of April I wrote under the date something like, "96 years ago today the RMS Titanic hit an iceberg in the icy north Atlantic. Within a little over 2 hours it would sink with a loss of 1, 496 souls. Lest we forget." Call me crazy but I actually did this! I'm way too obsessed with the Titanic (as my friends are quick to remind me.)

Robert Bickel

Nov 12, 2008
As odd as this may sound, I awoke at 2:20 am out of a sound sleep.

The only other time this happened to me was when my father passed. I awoke one minute before he died, and three minutes later we received a phone call from the hospital letting us know he passed.

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