How do YOU plan to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster

Inger Sheil

I don't know how many have been formally announced yet, Lucie, but I think many maritime museums in the world are conscious of the 2012 anniversary coming up and exhibitions are in the planning stage. I know it has come up for discussion in the Australian museum community.

Jason D. Tiller

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Belfast is planning to have the Titanic Quarter completed by then and is working on having the Nomadic fully restored, so that she can be a big part of the celebrations.

Cobh, Halifax and Southampton are also planning centenary events.
It would be nice if many of us could meet around that time, but likely logistically that won't work. I'm torn, I don't know if the sadness of the whole event will keep me away from any aniversary activites or being around like minded folk would be a good idea. Maybe THS is a good bet.

Holly Peterson

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I'm fairly certain that I'll be in school on April the 15th, but sometime during that year, my parents have promised to take my sister and I to the states to see one of those Titanic museums. I am sure the year will be one to remember for Titanic buffs, but also a sobering event, recalling how 1, 498 souls have been lost to us for exactly 100 years.
We're signing up for the cruise. They're booking it now at

You should see the looks we get from our friends when we tell them what we're doing!

I hope to meet a lot of you on the ship. We'll have to arrange a "Friends of Encyclopedia Titanica breakfast" or something.

If all goes well, my book will be published in time for this and it will be available on the ship.

Kate Sen

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I`m planning my trip to England and Ireland on march/april 2012. So if everything works out I`ll be probably at Southampton on 10th (I`ll wave you guys on this memorial cruise ;)) and earlier or later at Belfast. I`m also thinking about seeing few other places connected to Titanic.. but it all depends on how long will be my holidays then.
My goodness, Paul. Thank you for catching that. Why isn't THIS cruise advertised on this site?

The website for your cruise is rather sparse on information, while the "other" cruise website is professional and detailed. I've sent an email requesting more information on the Memorial Crossing cruise, but can you tell me any more about it from your perspective?

I would not worry too much, Marlene. It's some way off yet and I suspect a lot of cruise lines will be offering memorial cruises. Fred Olson is a reputable cruise line and the Balmoral is their Flagship, I believe. Hopefully Cunard - with their former association with the White Star line - will schedule the Queen Mary 2. That would be my choice.

Paul Lee

This whole mess isn't Fred Olson's fault, its Myles Morgan.

What happened was this: my mate Mike knew that he couldn't, by law, sort out booking the ship as he wasn't a travel agent, so he approached a local Bristol agent, Myles Morgan last December and they procured the Balmoral. They produced a VERY professional website and emailed everyone. Their website was

Then it went wrong. Myles Morgan decided they didn't need Mike and took over the Balmoral side of the venture. They ordered Mike to take down his professional website, leaving him with the, as you say, very sparse, website.

All is not lost. Mike has all the Titanic experts listed on his site contractually obliged to take part on his cruise. Despite Cunard's initial bemusement, Mike and Commodore Ron Warwick are now in talks to charter one of their vessels for April 2012, and these talks are going well. And, the organiser of a large Titanic/Olympic/Britannic artefact touring exhibition is interested in exhibiting his collection on board Mike's cruise.

Watch this space.
Mmmm. I foresee several liners converging on the same spot on 14th April 2012, with all of us shouting away to each other on different ships. Not quite the thing.
It should not be a problem, Paul. Cunard ply this route across the Atlantic all the time. For them it could be treated as a normal run with the add-on of a commemorative service, a badge, a certificate and show a selection of Titanic films on the on-board TV system. Given the cost, about £2000, ($3000) for the return journey, a table for eight should do it.

Be careful Monica, they might not see you in that rowing boat of yours - it can be pretty rough at that time of year. The calm sea and stars overhead have been grossly exaggerated.
Well, in the interests of economy, Ernie, I thought I might hitch a lift with that 13-year old Dutch girl who wants to sail round the world single-handed. I reckon the Dutch authorities might finally give her the go-ahead by 2012. She won't mind a slight detour, and I could chaperone her if she's forced into Valparaiso by bad weather.

And if I were to go on the official voyage, I fear I might well be cut adrift for irreverent behaviour...

>>>And if I were to go on the official voyage, I fear I might well be cut adrift for irreverent behaviour...<<<

"Hmm" We don't want any riff-raff on board - I think I'll go in September.