How Far Apart were Titanic and Californian?


May 23, 2019
The operative word here is (about). The men on Californian differed in their guesstimates by 3 miles. Not as suggested by 10 miles. Which is plainly ludicrous.
I agree with you on that. It is hard to imagine that professional Mariners from both the Titanic and the Californian were mistaking about the distance between the two for more than 4 miles.

Jim Currie

Apr 16, 2008
Funchal. Madeira
Do I detect a glimmer of reality creeping in here?

In any case, I bet you a pound of peanuts to a peppercorn that I will not get any arguments against my plot of the sighting distance...except perhaps, a lecture on luminosity, candle power, wattage and all that jazz.
Incidentally, 14 miles between these 2 vessels is way to far for normal pre-impact sighting distances to apply.

Oh" and while your thinking about that, have a look at my modification of thew last photograph to include the rocket evidence of 2nd Officer Groves . (I removed the other masthead light.
Rocket burst...not as high as the masthead light.jpg

Then I show what would have been seen had Waverley been calling for help
Rocket burst...cry for help.jpg

D'ya get ma drift?