How Far Did the Titanic Drift?

Mar 22, 2003
Chicago, IL, USA
If I recall, the regulations required two sockets be carried on steamships, one forward and one aft on different side of the ship. Also that they should be at an angle of 20° to the vertical so in case the shell didn't go high enough it would not fall back on deck. Again, there is no way that bursts separated by 2 compass points as seen from Californian could have come from the same vessel at that distance. .


The ship was swinging because of the "light airs and calms" that prevailed and not being anchored to anything.
Hi Sam, let's say there was no wind at all. Could a ship swing only due to currents, and if so which way in regards to currents?
Thank you.


Regarding the distance that both sections had drifted before sinking. Recently found this account from survivor Thomas Percy Oxenham.

"When the big ship parted and the hulks drifted apart before going under we all sat still shivering and afraid. It was the most wonderful and at the same time awful thing I ever saw. The halves seemed to rise out of the water, gaining impetus for the great trip to the bottom 2,000 fathoms deep."

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