How high above the waterline......


Robert T. Paige

How high above the waterline on the Titanic were ?
The Main Deck ?
The Bridge ?
The Crow's Nest ?
Well, those numbers aren't precise for several reasons:
1. The ship's decks are curved upward at the ends
2. The ship's height depends on the weight of the cargo

Floor of crow's nest: 83 feet
Floor of the bridge: 61 feet (At the wheel)
Floor of C Deck: 34.5 feet (At the center of the forward well deck)

I think you mean "C Deck" as "Main Deck", it's the most obvious and recognizable deck, and also the lowest deck open to air.
I thought the crows nest was 95. Maybe mistaken???
Height of eye for lookout in the crow's nest usually taken as about 90 feet above water. Actual height depends on draft of vessel on date chosen.
Timed out on first attempt.
Just doing a little arithmetic on distances to the horizon.
Thanks, Samuel and Tim.
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My measurements are from looking at the commonly available Olympic blueprints, and just doing a scale on the length of the ship in a graphics program, so numbers are approximate.