How long after

While i do not know for certain, I would imagine that they went back to work as soon as possible. They needed to earn money to support their families and if they did not work they did not get paid.

Inger Sheil

Lightoller went to the Majestic for the remainder of the year before he transferred back to the Oceanic...I don't have the dates in front of me, but I think it was in fairly short order after the inquiries wrapped up. Some of the crew sailed on the Olympic and other vessels almost as soon as they returned to England.
>>wonder if Sylvia thought the same<<

Wouldn't surprise me if she did, but it would have been equally surprising if these people didn't go looking for a job as soon as possible. They had to make a living in a world where there was no dole/welfare or much of anything in the way of what we call a safety net, but there were always bills to be paid.

Unless you had something else to go to, quitting wasn't really an option.
Yeah thats true....guess once a seaman always a seaman...and when you marry one you know the risk...I was married to a solider who is now in Iraq...knowing that he could go over anytime came with the territory.
Oh just let me say that Inger and Micheal I had always had the most upmost respect for yall... I have been reading on this site for a while and yall always amaze me....I cant believe that yall respomded to a post of mine!! Now I sound like a crazy fan!!
>>I cant believe that yall respomded to a post of mine!!<<

It was a question we had the competance and understanding to answer, and this forum is all about exchanging information. I've learned a lot here over the past seven and a half years and you will too. The level of expertise and understanding I've seen among the membership is awesome.

Aly Jones

I think one of the officers or a other crew member ended up on the Oylimpic.
You would of thought that the crew and officers would of took ages to hope aboard the Oylimpic.