How long will Britannic's wreck last?


Mar 19, 2020
I know that this is not about titanic but rather her well-preserved sister ship but i cannot find answers anywhere so please tell me

James Scott

Apr 14, 2020
I saw a documentary YouTube video recently and it said that there is a small amount of deterioration on the boat deck near the bridge. As for the ship itself as it is covered in coral the steel is not deteriorating as badly as on Titanic. I expect it remain intact for many decades to come. The boilers and engines will eventually collapse inside as they are still holding in place on a ship that's on it's side. This will probably cause massive damage and cause the ship to collapse quicker.

Hope this helps

Any questions feel free to ask

James Scott

Cam Houseman

Jul 14, 2020
Maryland, USA
I have recently read that during a dive on Britannic, 2006, John Chatterton found some Rusticles, near the fireman's passage, if I recall correctly. They were hard, and "dripping with spikes." They cut into his diving suit, and he soon developed a fever. He was out of it in 48 hours.

Some testing platforms were retrieved from Britannic, placed on the A-Deck promenade, just barely behind the Fourth Window forward. What they found shocked them.

There was a 29% steel loss. They found out 5 different bacteria were working together. These Rusticles were also hard. Scientists predicted that had these Rusticles been here from the beginning, Britannic would have collapsed by 1960. Testing Platforms from Titanic had a 1.7 loss of iron per year. Britannic's had almost a 5% loss per year. (so, the platforms were placed there in 2002)

Now, these Rusticles don't populate and attack weak and bent metal like Titanic's do. They're slower to populate. These special Rusticles are mostly populated in "hotspots", so they aren't all over the wreck.

(Unfortunately, Carl Spencer was the one who retrieved these testing platforms, on the 2008. May he rest in peace)


Alpha Tanic

Nov 4, 2020
Britannic's got it quite lucky. I mean she's still in rough shape but atleast not a rough as Lusitanias wreck. It's unsure how long a wreck could last.