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How long would it take someone who would normally purchase a third class ticket to save up for buying a second class ticket, or even first? That is, was there such a difference in price that working class citizens of Britain, Scotland, Ireland, and where-ever were pretty much stuck to third class? Or could they manage a second class ticket if they were real pennypinchers?
I know some of the 2nd class passengers were, among other things, teachers and priests, so I wouldn't think that the 2nd class were necessarily the most well-off people! Especially if they traveled alone, it'd be easier to get a 2nd class ticket.
I was just wondering for my own sake! I wonder if I would have been stuck with a 3rd class ticket, or if maybe it would have been possible to get a 2nd class ticket?

I also have a few other questions surrounding this topic, but I don't want to go on a question-asking spree, here!

Thanks in advance!
It didn't cost a great deal more to travel 2nd Class, but the extra charge of about £5 was equivalent to more than a month's wages for most people. Nevertheless, among those who did choose to go 'Second Cabin' were more than a few farm labourers, bricklayers, factory hands, miners and shop workers. So yes, anybody with a steady job and careful spending habits could afford to travel 2nd Class, but most, especially those with a family to support, didn't give that option a high priority.
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Much depended on the ship, but looking at "Advertised Rates" as a rough guide 2nd Class cost just over 50% more than 3rd Class, with 1st Class [at a minimum] being least 3 times more than 3rd Class.

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Although generally people travelled in the class they could realistically afford (rather than save for longer to buy a higher class ticket), some people actually preferred to travel 2nd Class.

There were less restrictions than in 3rd Class, i.e. immigration & medical tests; and 2nd Class accommodations were generally very comfortable with many similar luxuries afforded to 1st Class, but without the formalities that were essential in 1st Class (i.e. correct dress codes etc.)

As a rough guide, generally a 2nd Class ticket cost twice as much as 3rd Class, and a minimum-fare 1st Class ticket cost twice as much as a 2nd Class ticket.

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