How Many Degrees Did the Titanic 'Heel Over'?


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When a fast ship turns hard over it will heel over a number of degrees the opposite way. Assuming the order 'hard a-starboard' was given, how many degrees would she heel over to starboard and why did none of the survivors feel the ship heel over before the collision when she turned hard away while speeding over 21+ knots? 4th officer Boxhall said he was approaching the bridge and felt nothing break his step, but wouldn't the sudden heeling over of the ship make him lose his footing? Quartermaster Olliver also noticed nothing as he approached the bridge and was asked:

Q - You do not know whether the helm was put hard astarboard first, or not?
A - No, sir; I do not know that.

So he felt nothing and did not even notice the wheel was hard over when he entered the wheelhouse.

I used a Titanic simulator and turned the ship 'hard a-starboard' at 21 knots. She immediately heeled over to starboard to this degree. Yet nobody felt this before the collision?

Olliver - 'I did not know that.'




I noticed that when the ship heeled over the damage should have moved upwards as the iceberg passed by, yet the damage shows the opposite and moves down as the iceberg passed by. Is this consistent with a 'hard a-port' order as the ship heeled to port and lifted her starboard side up?


Survivors felt her heel to port during and immediately after the collision.


Lookout Reginald Lee
"The ship seemed to heel slightly over to port as she struck the berg."

Lookout Frederick Fleet
"She listed to port right afterwards."

Mr. Sloper
"The boat seemed to shiver and keel over to port."

Mr. Hyman
"There came a tearing sound and the boat listed a little to one side."

Mr. Taylor
"I felt the boat rise and it seemed to me that it was riding over the ice."

Mr. Steffanson
"We seemed to slide up on it."

Survivors in the smoking room felt a strange twisting, swaying motion of the room as the iceberg passed by. Would this be consistent with the hard a-port order and the heeling of the ship which possibly caused the room to twist and the wood inside to creak as she turned hard over? Yet nobody felt the ship heel to starboard before the collision. They only felt her heel to port during and after the collision?

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