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How Many Dogs Survived?

Discussion in 'Real Dogs' started by Barry Whatton, Dec 27, 2000.

  1. Barry Whatton

    Barry Whatton Member

    I've ploughed through this web site. Maybe I have missed the answer to my question.

    Did any pets, especially dogs or cats, survive the sinking?
  2. Phillip Gowan

    Phillip Gowan Senior Member

    Three dogs--a Pekingese named Sun-Yat Sen owned by Henry Sleeper Harper; a Pomeranian owned by Margaret Hays, and another Pomeranian owned by Elizabeth B. Rothschild. The Rothschild dog was then attacked and killed by a larger dog within just a few weeks of surviving Titanic.
  3. Sam Brannigan

    Sam Brannigan Member

    How did the story of "Rigel" originate?
  4. Sam,

    The story of Riegel or Rigel seems to have been a press invention, one among many. I have run across several versions even in fairly reputable magazines of the day - and some unlikely ones like "Good Housekeeping," of all places.

    A bit of Titanic doggie trivia:

    We've all heard stories (some apocrychal) of people who missed sailing on Titanic, but there was at least one pup who missed the boat of boats. Lady Duff Gordon's Pekingese Mr. Futze ("Footsie")always accompanied his mistress on trips but in April 1912 she reluctantly left him back at her Paris flat, looked after by her maid Rachel, because she was making only a quick business jaunt to NY and thought "Footsie" would have a better time "running about the garden or begging at the tea table."

    One has few doubts, however, that had Footsie been aboard Titanic, he would surely have escaped on milady's lap, putting the number of occupants of the embattled emergency boat up to 13, an extra bit of bad luck the Duff Gordons surely did not need.

  5. Tracy Smith

    Tracy Smith Member

    It makes sense that only a few of the small, "ankle biter" type of dog survived. Large dogs, such as Astor's Airedale, Kitty, would have taken the space a human could occupy.

    I've seen a picture or two of Captain Smith with his dog, a beautiful white Borzoi. Does anyone know if the captain's dog was with him on the Titanic?
  6. Sam Brannigan

    Sam Brannigan Member

    Randy - lucky pup!

    I assume all the dogs got off in the early boats before the seriousness of the situation became apparant to the passengers.

  7. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    The New York Herald attributes the Rigel story to one Jonas Briggs, a crewman on Carpathia. Trouble is, there was no Jonas Briggs in her crew, as you can see on this site. Rigel was supposed to belong to William Murdoch.

    One of my favourites is the press story that turned Edith Russell's musical box in the form of a pig into a real pig. Fancy saving a pig at the expense of humans!
  8. Scott Blair

    Scott Blair Guest


    Smith's dog "Ben" was at home . Smith was a bit of
    an animal lover . Apart from the dog I read some-
    where that he had an interest in horses.

    Scott Blair
  9. Were any cats in the Titanic? Anyone knows something?
  10. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    Carlos, according to one story, a cat and her kittens travelled from Belfast to Southampton but had the sense to leave the ship there.

    Another story says that there was a cat called Jenny, who also had kittens, but nobody knows what became of them.

    If you search the site you'll find the full stories. Believe them if you like.
  11. Thanks for the info Dave.

    Quite interesting the history of the cat and the kittens that left the Titanic in Southampton.

    Yours truly,
    Carlos Ferreira
  12. Carlos,

    In her biography stewardess Violet Jessup referred to the ship's cat, Jenny, who lived in or near the kitchen and was proudly showing off her new litter before the maiden voyager.

    I'm sure Jenny and her kittens died along with the other pets and people left aboard.

  13. A similar thing happpened on "Lusy". Didn't the stokers mascot or something like that aboandon her before the last trip. A cat named Dowwy or something like that. Is this true or myth?
  14. where were the kennels? on the boats deck or deck G.

    Carlos do you speak spanish?
  15. Sandro, we've had the discussion on ET twice that I know of concerning where the kennels were. Since I don't recall where the thread is, all I can do is sum up by saying that nobody seems to know for sure where they were. The deck plans reproduced in Eaton & Haas "Titanic, Triumph and Tragedy place the kennels on F deck just across the passageway from the 3rd Class Galley.

    While I don't think this can be 100% ruled out, I suspect this may not have been the case if only because of the obvious health and sanitation problems this would tend to cause. A likelier candidate seems to me the Boat Deck IMO. It wouldn't have been too much trouble to convert a deck chair stowage over for that perpose at the last minute.

    Of course, I could be mistaken on this. If anybody has better information, I'd be glad to hear it.

    Michael H. Standart
  16. thanks michael, In the book of Walter Lord ANTR, he told about cows ( 1 or 2) on the Titanic to provide fresh Milk. This Paragraph is in the last part of his book. On the way, about the Kennels , there are two versions. First ) the Kennels was on the boat Deck and the second on F Deck.
  17. Cows on the Titanic? That's a new one on me. Seems a bit impractical too given the hotel demands of providing for over 2200 people.

    A typical loadout for an Olympic class liner included 1500 gallons of fresh milk in the refrigerated stores. You might want to check the list of provisions that's reproduced in the 2cnd edition of Eaton & Haas "Titanic, Triumph & Tragedy" on page 57. It's impressive. wink.gif
  18. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    It's on page 193 of the illustrated edition of ANTR, but it's not quoted as a fact. It's given as an example of the exaggerated claims made for the ship by survivors. Lord mentions the herd of cows, regulation tennis courts and a golf course. Some even said that she was far larger than Olympic.
  19. I realized nobody posted here since 2002 but I think the general title is the most appropriate. I'm crazy to know how the pets (dogs and cats) were treated on board. Were the first class passengers allowed to keep them in their staterooms or did they have to pass the night in the kennel? I suppose the maids and valets were responsible to clean up all the dirty things they left and treat them! What type of food did a dog (and a cat for instance) eat in this age?

    Best, João
  20. I'm aware of passengers being allowed to keep their pets in their cabins but as to what they were fed, I suspect that they may have been offered helpings of whatever was on their owners plate.

    According to the Pet Food Instutute, the first commercially available pet food was a dog biscuit which was first introduced in England around 1860. I doubt it was all that widespread although the article at http://www.petfoodinstitute.org/what_is_history.cfm indicates that the Spratt Company did quite well selling pet foods to English country gentlemen for their sporting dogs.