How many people have made the dive to the Titanic wreck

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Jan 7, 2002
Between the Titanic expeditions carried out by Woods Hole, NOAA, RMS Titanic Inc , Deep Ocean Expeditions , the History Channel, IMAX , the Discovery Channel, etc; is it known exactly how many people (scientists, cameramen, submersible pilots, historians and tourists alike)
have visited the Titanic wreck via a submersible?
I'm guessing the number must be over 75....

Who holds the record for the most visits to the wreck? Anatoli Segalovich? Ralph White? Commander P.H Nargeolet?
Mar 3, 1998
Brigitte Saar has kept a log of the people who have dived to the wreck. She has had to do quite a bit of detective work because the Russians do not allow public access to their logs. You can try contacting her if you really need to know the answer to this question.

James Cameron and Ralph White had a friendly competition going as to how many dives to the wreck each has logged. As of 2005, Jim was ahead of Ralph by a dive or two. Each has more than 30 dives (if memory serves me correct, Jim has 33 dives logged).

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