How many photos were taken of Titanic before sailing?

I'm trying to gather some statistics, but can't seem to find any reference to how many photos were taken of the ship - during construction, fitting & sailing.
It was such an awesome sight at the time, and hyped tremendously, but with photographic technology/cost of its time, would a number like 10,000 be in the ballpark?
I've seen the (arguable) 'last' photos taken as she sailed away - were any photos taken on-board that survived?
And does anyone know of the 'first' photo of the ship? Perhaps the groundbreaking ceremony of the drydock?

Similarly, I'm looking for a number of photos taken since its re-discovery.
A recent mapping expedition put together 130,000 into a compound image.
Of course, excluding that scientific 'shoot every square inch' concept, where a half-million or more might have been collected, would 50,000 be about right?

While I've collected dozens of bookmarked URLs, there's just too much to wade through within the timeframe I now have for a major anniversary celebration, where I'll be displaying photos, facts, stats, trivia, videos, music, etc... still a lot of gruntwork to do on this...

Any great photo library online covering ALL aspects of the ship's past/present history in one convenient place?
A good 'all-in-one' photo essay of the story? Grateful for any pointers!!