How many pieces of Titanic grand staircase wood are in circulation

Feb 14, 2011
A gem in my collection is a triangular cut of aft grand staircase wood from the Titanic, from a larger piece that had been fashioned by Minia Crew member Mr. Parker into a picture frame..
I have a hunch several of the pieces in circulation- such as the ones sold at the Guernseys auction, and my piece, are all from the same section of wood-I think the Ship Of Dreams exhibit has a piece as well- Does anyone have a good idea how many pieces of Titanic grand staircase wood are out there? And roughly how large was the recovered piece before it was cut?

A clearly genuine piece recently popped up on Ebay- but sadly several blatently fake pieces have also surfaced- and sold....


tarn Stephanos

Kevin Saucier

Tarn, I don't think too many pieces exist. According to the Guernsey's catalog the picture frame was "sold and split into pieces." A 4 in. triangular section such as yours is also displayed in the catalog with an appraised value of $15K - $20K. Congrats on your treasure.

It's only a wild guess but I bet most of the staircase wood w/o strong provenance came from the Olympic. I have yet to see a piece on ebay that matches the Titanic wood frame pattern exactly.

Kevin Saucier

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