How many TItanic books do you have?

J Sheehan

Titanic aficionados like us no doubt have quite a few books about the ship or the Olympic Class in our own personal collections. But how many do you have?

I have 83, among them are;

The Discovery of the Titanic by Dr Robert Ballard (the 1987 hardback edition by Madison Publishing and the 2008 softback edition by Haynes)

Titanic: Women and Children First by Judith B Geller

The Last Log of the Titanic by David G Brown

Exploring the Britannic by Simon Mills

Titanic An Illustrated History by Don Lynch and Ken Marschall (1998 softcover edition)

The Olympic Class Liners by Mark Chirnside (2011 softcover edition)
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A quick count of my collection shows 114 books on Titanic and related subjects (everything from building, sinking, discovery, inquiries, passenger biographies, movies, etc.). Among my favorites are (in no particular order):
1. Walter Lord, “A Night to Remember”
2. Same, “The Night Lives On”
3. Charles Pellegrino, “Her Name, Titanic” (this has some biographical information on Robert Ballard that’s hard to find elsewhere).
4. Same, “Ghosts of the Titanic”
5. Same, “Farewell, Titanic: Her Final Legacy”
6. Don Lynch and Ken Marschall, “Titanic: An Illustrated History”
7. John Eaton and Charles Haas, “Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy”
8. Rick Archbold, “Ken Marschall’s Art of the Titanic”
9. Lawrence Beesley, “The Loss of the S.S. Titanic”
10. Col. Archibald Gracie, “The Truth About the Titanic”
11. Filson Young, “Titanic”
12. Robert D. Ballard, “The Discovery of the Titanic”
13. Same, “Titanic: The Last Great Images”
14. Geoffrey Marcus, “The Maiden Voyage”
15. Richard O’Connor, “Down to Eternity”
16. George Behe, “On Board RMS Titanic: Memories of the Maiden Voyage”
17. Lee W. Merideth, “Titanic Names: A Complete List of the Passengers and Crew”
18. Wilton J. Oldham, “The Ismay Line”
19. Roy Anderson, “White Star”
20. Tad Fitch, J. Kent Layton & Bill Wormstedt, “On a Sea of Glass: The Life and Loss of the RMS Titanic”
21. Daniel Allen Butler, “Unsinkable: The Full Story”
22. Same, “The Other Side of the Night”
23. Richard Howells, “The Myth of the Titanic”
24. Steven Biel, “Down with the Old Canoe”
25. Tim Maltin, “Titanic: First Accounts”

many are reprints, not first editions. I would recommend them to anyone even remotely interested in the subject.
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J Sheehan

114 Titanic books to my 83...I've got a little bit of catchin' up to do.

In the meantime here's a few more of the books in my collection.

Titanic: James Cameron's Illustrated Screenplay (Paperback, 1998 edition)

James Cameron's Titanic (Paperback, 2012 edition)

Titanic Triumph and Tragedy (1986 and 2011 editions, both hardbacks)

A Night to Remember (Paperback, 1976 illustrated edition)

The Night Lives On (Paperback, 1986 edition)

882 and a half Amazing answers to you questions about the Titanic (Hardback, 2018 edition) This book is the most recent addition to my collection

Titanic: Minute by Minute (Paperback, 2016)

Titanic: Belfast's Own (Paperback, 2011 edition)

Titanic: Solving the Mysteries (Hardback 2019)

Strangers on the Horizon (Paperback 2019)

Lost Voices from the Titanic (Paperback, 2009 edition)

Titanic Voyager (Hardback, 2011 edition)

The Titanic Expeditions (Hardback, 2018 edition)
Wow.. awesome lists peeps.... While never done a count, from above lists I recognise a lot of them.
Not a Titanic Book, but interesting as is a 1975 Edition, read about it here, am the 3rd response Something about the old visions of the Titanic Wreck before 1985

I do have this book - The Wall Chart Of The Titanic by Tom McCluskie - Which is 18 inches high by 13 inches wide (my shades to give perspective), and Charts inside are massive, and open right out. Having recently moved all the books are yet to be put out, otherwise could have added a "library" pic..

Not as many as I used to have. Loaned some that never returned...:mad: The one I did go and get back was the one pictured below. That was because it was gift given to me and and because its a piece of history having been printed in 1912. 2 books I have that I won't loan are a couple of Don Lynch's books that he autographed for me and wrote me a nice note in them. Don Lynch's cousin Shawn was my partner in the instrument shop (power plant humor known as co techs).
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Tim Gerard

I have probably somewhere between 40 and 50. Admittedly, some of them are kids books I got in the 90s when I was a kid myself that I still have. Public library book sales sometimes have some interesting ones, and I find it more fun to go into a book sale like that and just see what's there instead of picking out ahead of time on Amazon. I scored Titanic, End of a Dream by Wyn Craig Wade for 50 cents at one of those.

J Sheehan

The reason I started this particular page is because of a photo I found on the TRMA website a few years ago and here it is.


Just look at how many Titanic books this guy has!
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J. Sheeran, yep, that photo’s got a definitive Titanic library: here are some more I wanted to recommend but forgot to:
1. “Titanic: The Death and Life of a Legend” by Michael Davie
2. “1912 Facts About the Titanic” by Lee W. Merideth.
3. “Inside the Titanic” by Hugh Brewster and Ken Marschall.
4. “Titanic: Voices From the Disaster” by Deborah Hopkinson. (Technically a children’s book, but it is written very well and would be just as enjoyable for an adult, in my mind.)
5. “The Rough Guide to the Titanic” by Greg Ward.
6. “101 Things You Thought You Knew About the Titanic” by Tim Maltin and Eloise Aston.
7. “Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage” by Hugh Brewster
8. “Titanic’s Last Secrets” by Brad Matsen
9. “Lost Voices of the Titanic” by Nick Barratt
10. “Shadows of the Titanic” by Andrew Wilson
11. “How to Survive the Titanic, or the Sinking of J. Bruce Ismay” by Frances Wilson.
12. “Voyagers of the Titanic” by Richard Davenport-Hines.
13. “And the Band Played On” by Christopher Ward (a biography of Titanic violinist Jock Hume)
14. “Titanic: A Journey through Time” by John P. Eaton and Charles A. Haas.
The reason I started this particular page is because of a photo I found on the TRMA website a few years ago and here it is.

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Just look at how many Titanic books this guy has!

Blimey, you would not want to hear that bookcase creak during the middle of the night! That's a lot of books! o_O

Also, that's an interesting profile of the Titanic from Tom McCluskie's book, it actually has the profile of Titanic with the A deck promenade, not the original plan of Olympic.
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Yes, I’m actually reading the first volume right now. Got to the place where they talk about the cargo holds and the mail room. The only reason I didn’t list it is because it is extremely technical, and I wouldn’t recommend to just anyone unless they have a passion for understanding the mechanics of the ship. As to that, there is probably no better work. It’s definitive in that respect.
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Brian, Yes, it really is like a technical manual for the entire ship.
Both volumes combined over 1224 pages of unbelievably cool information for us Titanic nerds, The set is a bit pricey, but as you said, "there is no better work!"

Tim Gerard

The reason I started this particular page is because of a photo I found on the TRMA website a few years ago and here it is.

Just look at how many Titanic books this guy has!

I'm jealous now. That's definitely enough reading material about the Titanic to get through an extended lockdown/quarantine period.
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I have around 300 books. 99% purely related to Titanic. There are some Titanics im aware of approaching the 700 mark. These pics were taken around 3 months ago.....i guess you could add at least another dozen books since then


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