How much did titanic cost to make

mary mason

Aug 24, 2003
sorry if this is in the wrong place, can anyone tell me how much it cost to build Titanic, and what would that be in todays money?

Scott R. Andrews

Hi Mary,

This is an interesting coincidence, as I just replied to someone else who was asking the very same question on the TRMA website: See

That's a simple question with a rather complex answer. Prof. Hugh Rockoff, Professor of Economics at Rutgers University, addresses this very question as an example on his web page. To go directly to the information he supplies, click on and scroll down almost all the way to the end of the page. His figures sound reasonable to me based on what I've heard from other sources. Prof. Rockoff bases his figures on a cost of £1,500,000 -- or about US$7,500,000 -- the British Pound being about equal to five US Dollars in 1912.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Scott Andrews

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