How Much Power Did the Company Have?



Were shipping companies such as the White Star Line very power and influential organisations with the power to destroy careers if individuals did not support them, particularly after the Titanic disaster? e.g. Were they run like an officers or gentleman's club putting aristocracy, family ties, and high standards above everything else, or were they a branch of the government working with people on the inside who knew which deals and contracts were going to be backed by the government as the clouds of war were looming ever closer and competition against Germany was escalating, and which ever company had the governments support would have their protection financially and publically i.e. The Prime Minister pulling strings to make sure the Titanic Inquiry did not conclude that the ship exploded and broke in two. Or were the shipping companies run like a gangster organization, cutting corners, dealing with less reputable people to get the funds they needed, and using every tactic to advance their position, resorting to bullying and harassing their employees, and using vandalism and propaganda to rise above and defeat the competition?