How much would thisTitanic stuff be worth Please reply

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Hi everyone!
I was very lucky to get hold of a few Titanic items which I think might hold a pound or two more than what I paid for them. I went into this second hand bookstore, and found LOADS of Titanic tings I had never seen before. I was wondering if anyone knew what they were worth.
OK, here goes:
Item #1: EXTRA - The Titanic story told in the newspapers of the day. I paid £10:00, the book price said £20:00. Double these figures if you are American, and you will get the value in $$. This is a fairly new book, printed about the time the movie came out, but I have never seen it in England. Was it a one off? Please tell me if you know.
Item #2: The Titanic - The full story of a tragedy, by Michael Dave. This was bought for £5.00 (?!), and is most definately out of print, firstly because I have never seen it until now, and seconly because the last time it was printed was in 1987. It includes some interesting information, including an argument (?! wait for it..)by George Bernard Shaw and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I have never seen this before ever, and is really interesting to read! It has a few unseen pictures of the inquiry, and might be quite rare. I am not sure. Does anyone know about this? Please tell me, I am dying to know!
Item #3: A copy of a Titanic picture in the Docks. I know these are quite common, but I know this is a one off picture, because the shopkeeper said his friends copied it for him. It is DEFINATELY of Titanic, and has written RMS Titanic at the bottom of the photo. It could be mistaken for an original, it's not a print, but the photo ( I think ) must have been taken to a photo store and been copied with a special machine. I din't think he used the negative, but I am not sure. It actually, come to think of it, looks like a DIY job to me because there is no water mark of the printing company on the back of the photo. I paid £10.00 for it, including a really nice frame, which was probably the bulk of the price. The shopkeeper seemed to have no idea that it could be valuble! Does anyone know how much this picture is worth? I would really like to know!
Well, bye for now!
You sound like a bookaholic like me. EXTRA Titanic is a relatively new book and I've been able to find a copy every now and then at Border's, a large bookstore chain over here, for $5 to $10. It is a really worthwhile reference book, and has many early first hand reports and interviews that were previously hard to find other than on library microfilm. The price you paid is worth it.

You made a very good buy on Michael Davie's book. In England it was published as "The Titanic." Here in the United States it was published under the name "Titanic, The Death and Life of a Legend." It is much harder to find than EXTRA, but occasionally pops up on eBay or can be found through ABEbooks.

Regarding the Titanic picture. Modern color photocopy machines are so good that its even possible to counterfit money with them. So you probably bought a copy. But the price you paid is not bad for a framed copy, and it probably looks great on your wall. How big is it?
Yes, I suppose I am a bit of a bookaholic! Every thing I see that is to do with Titanic I buy, except when I was in Southampton, if I had bought everything on Titanic in sight, I would have to have had a lorry hired to bring it all home again!
The Titanic picture is most definately a copy, because the writing at the bottom looks as though it was done in paint on the original photo, and so is part of the photo. It is about 2x the size of normal photos. Actually looking at it now, it looks very much like a DIY job. I have heard that one of a kind Titanic copies can fetch a really big wad of cash when auctioned. I think this picture must be one of a kind, I have never ever seen this exact picture before, I have seen a similar picture in books, of course, but without the writing on the bottom. I am quite excited about this, as I think it might come to be valuble. But if you know it is worthless, or relatively common, please tell me, being an actress, I am used to dissapointments!
There is one other thing, not exactly connected with the Titanic, but around the same era, and I am sure people on this message board whould know about this. You see, because my grandmother never threw anything away, we have an attic full of things dating right back to the early 1800's. My mother keeps saying she will take the stuff to a valuers, but she never has time to do it. There are some things up there that I am sure would fetch a pretty big price at an auction. One of the things is a original ( not copy ) record of service in the Navy, from 1875 to 1910. The person who put it in the attic must have thought it valuble then because he/she put on the envelope containing it 'very old, none like this in existence, should be put in a museum'
It is in very good condition, you can still see the ink writing! I was wondering how much this would be worth, as it is doing no good sitting up in the attic, and no-one ever goes up there! Does anyone know how much approx. this would fetch? Please tell me! I have lots of other things as well that are interesting, such as a 1st world war diary up to the time he was captured, and lots of ather things like that. If anyone wants to know more, e-mail me at [email protected], or reply to this message. Thanks
Are you a member of the British Titanic Society? If not, I'd recommend you join. Write to them at P.O. Box 401, Hope Carr way, Leigh, Lancs. WN7 3WW.

Without seeing what you have, there's no way I could tell you if what you have is valuable. And I'm no expert on that kind of thing anyway. I just buy Titanic books, and not because of their monetary value, but for the information in them. For instance, given the choice between a valuable first edition and a cheap reprint, I'd take the reprint.

Did you go to the Cobwebs store at 78 Northam Road in Southampton? They could probably advise you on whether something you have, like the Navy Record of Service you described is worth something.

In the meantime, keep working at it the way you have been doing. You're getting some good things at reasonable prices. Just be careful of anybody that says that something they have is valuable. There are a lot of people out there with convincing stories and worthless material. That's why I suggest joining BTS. They often publish reports of fake Titanic items that people are trying to sell.

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Hi Kimberely!
I just wanted to let you know that there are some fake Titanic menus out there as well. A recent episode of "Antiques Roadshow" had a fellow who found this menu on the back of a painting of the Titanic. Even the appraiser was fooled into thinking it was real. One of the latest issues of the Titanic Commutator (published by the Titanic Historical Society) had a good article on these menus and how to tell a real one from a fake. Just wanted to let you know . . .
Tracey McIntire
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