How was Carpathia able to avoid being sunk

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If this is already in the posts, sorry to bring it up again. But Carpathia did rush to help Titanic going full speed right? If this was the case, wasn't Carpathia indeed at risk of becoming sunk by icebergs? I have long wondered if Carpathia had perhaps the benefit of more competent sailors and able to avoid icebergs? What did Carpathia do better that Titanic did not? Thanks.
Carpathia certainly was in danger of being sunk. In the opinion of our resident expert, Captain Erik Wood, today Captain Rostron would be suspended for taking unjustifiable risks with his ship and her company.

He got away with it because he was going a good deal slower than Titanic. Forget the legendary 17½ knots. He was doing no more than 15 knots and sometimes less. He set multiple lookouts, who knew ice was about. They sighted only about six bergs, few of which were dead ahead. Even so, they nearly hit a small berg at the end.

Some would add that Rostron had luck the Irish would envy! During WW I, he often missed dangers that sank nearby ships. Carpathia was eventually sunk, but not under his command.
Any time you plunge into an area of known ice, you put yourself at risk for being damaged or sunk by same. The Carpathia was no different. Dave summed up what the Captain Rostron and Company did to set the odds in their favour, but even then, their avoiding damage was as much luck as skill. A split second error in judgement would have had some unfortunate consequences.

I'm not sure I'd call them more competant, but they were keeping a much better watch.

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Hello Michael

Hope no one has asked this question on another thread.....Did they ever make a film just about the Carpathia?. I have lots of videos, books etc about the Titanic, but nothing just about the rescue ship...can you help with info...regards Katy
>>Did they ever make a film just about the Carpathia?. <<

I've never heard of any such. If there was any around, I would think the people who hang around here would have heard of it. This may well be something of a loss since the Carpathia's role is remarkable in it's own right. Captain Rostron and his crew did a magnificent job in getting the ship ready on the fly and tending to the survivors afterwards.
It would make a novel way of making a new Titanic. Tell the story as seen by those on Carpathia and maybe other ships. Cut to Titanic as events are revealed.

There is a little footage of Carpathia available. Just now I can't think where.
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