How was the passenger list created?


Hi All,
I have two questions for you:

1.) How was the Titanic passenger list compiled and who might have compiled it?
Was it done as the passengers arrived by a crew member?
Was it made up from the ticket booking records?

2.) Some third class passengers were seamen who were on the Titanic merely en route to a ship on which they would be employed. I've read that the survival rate of these seamen in third class is significantly higher than the survival rate of other males in third class.
-Does anyone know how this can be accounted for?
-Did they manage to just find their way onto lifeboats because they had more confidence in that situation given their experience? I've also read some of them helped evacuate the ship. Maybe they took advantage of that position to hop on life boats that weren't totally full?

Any thoughts or information would be much appreciated! Thanks!
The passenger list was compiled by the purser's office. The passenger tickets were large sheets of paper, nearly A4. On the right side edge was a tear-off strip with the passengers' names. As the tickets were presented, the strips were torn off and kept for later clerical work.

The were at least nine seamen among the passengers. Eight were Chinese sailors, going to join their ship in New York. There was also Albert Moss, a ship's officer. (See his biography).

All survived, except two Chinese. All were in boats, except one Chinese who was fished out after floating on wreckage. Maybe they were simply more confident getting around the ship. Maybe they were more certain it would sink!


Mr. Gittens,

Thanks very much for your response. I have a record that there were at least 24 seamen riding third class, but as of right now I'm not sure about the credibility of my source.

Thanks again, and happy researching.


Perhaps other seamen felt an obligation to help based on their skills. I have several first responder friends and at least two of them I know have helped out when off duty because of their skills.