How were stewardsstewardesses summoned to cabins

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Richard Coplen

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Hey all,
I have always wondered how the stewards/stewardesse s aboard Titanic were summoned to the cabins. Was there a button which the passengers pushed which alerted the stewards? Or did passengers simply wait at their doors for a steward to pass? I have seen many photos of Titanic and Olympic's cabins, but have never seen anything resembling a call-button. If indeed there were call-buttons, how did the stewards/stewardesse s know which cabin they were being summoned to? Was there a bell which rang or a light which lit up over the cabin doors on the corridor? This has always puzzled me as I know that most later ships had call-buttons in their cabins. If there were call-buttons in Titanic's cabins were they just in the first-class ones or did second and third-class cabins have them as well? I look forward to your theories!

Mark Baber

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Hello, Richard---

Take a look at a thread on this board entitled "Electric system to call stewards". There you'll find what we collectively knew about this last summer.

Best wishes.
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