How would you spend your voyage on Titanic


Emily Bisignano

OK, let's all admit it. We really wouldn't mind boarding that big, beautiful ship, even if she was met with disaster. Would you board the ship as a passenger from the 21st century or would you board as a fellow Edwardian? Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you talk to? What would you eat? If you boarded as a passenger from the 21st century, would you tell? If so, who?
Me, I would board as a passenger from the 21st century because I think it's better that I would have knowledge about what was going to happen. I would only tell the people neccessary. I definately wouldn't prevent the disaster from happening because she was a part of history that really needed to happen. I would explore the ship as much as possible, since I'd be a 1st class passenger that could basically go wherever I wanted. I'd try all sorts of new foods in the Titanic's many resaruants. I'd talk to the Goodwins, Mrs. Emily Ryerson if I could, the Thayers, definately the Astors, Mr. Andrews without a question, Capt. E.J. Smith, practically all the officers, just basically who I'd bump into. I'd talk to you
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Apr 22, 2012
Hello Emily,

I would board the ship at Southampton as a first-class Edwardian (I wish!). I would make a lot of communication with the crew members, particularly the officers; they are my favorite crew members. I would engage mainly in "technical" chit-chat with them (such as how many miles covered daily). I would particularly like to meet Lightoller, because he seemed very fascinating, and Lowe, because he would have been fun to be around with his great sense of humor.

Thomas Andrews would most definitely be on my "to meet" list. Andrews is by far my favorite person in the story, and he seemed to be really friendly.

Also on my "to meet" list would be my great-aunt and uncle. That would be second-class, however.

I would also try the Turkish Bath, gymnasium, and would constantly take the Grand Staircase. I would also bring along a camera and visit the smoking room. There, I would prove what that room's floor really looked like.

I can run my mouth with just about anyone, so I'd probably come up and begin talking to Jack Thayer and Milton Long, as well!

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Tracy Smith

Apr 20, 2012
South Carolina USA
Well, if I were to go as a 21st century person, I'd definitely want to talk to JJ Astor. He had written a science fiction novel and was quite interested in the future. I would, of course, bring items to prove where I'd come from. I would think a pocket calculator might be sufficient to prove myself. Can anyone think of any other small items that might make a person believe that you'd come from the future?

And I would want to talk to Molly Brown and let her know how things have changed so much for women.

WT Stead would be another one, simply because I believe that he'd be one who would be prepared to accept the idea of a time traveler.

Of course, if I wanted to be assured of arriving alive, I'd sail with Stanley Lord on the Californian.

And I would have made sure he awakaned Cyril Evans, among other things, while I was there.
Nov 22, 2000
I would take my Thermos flask, sandwiches etc. and remain in a lifeboat for the duration of the trip. You never know just WHAT can happen on a sea voyage.
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Pat Cook

Apr 27, 2000
I think I'd follow Ethelbert and bring along a deck of cards. Maybe THEN we can find out just who this "Ginger" really was!

Cook, the stowaway
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May 12, 2005
I would come aboard at Cherbourg - fresh from the races at Auteuill and the fashion openings in the Place Vendome - wearing my own conception of Titanic chic, a Lucile-designed life-preserver, fur-edged and lined in velvet of course.

I would shock my friend Edith Russell (Shelley D)and others among the fashion-savvy on board by continuing to wear this throughout the voyage and might even feel obliged to join the flask-gripping Ethelbert and card-playing Cook in the lifeboat (if they don't mind my intruding on their Ginger jam session).

Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
I'd board in Southampton, camera in hand, photograph everything I could get into...especially the working spaces that some of us techies have taken a close interest in...and beat feet off in Queenstown.

Barring that, I think I'd go with Dave Gittens idea. Bit safer that way. I'm a rotten swimmer!

Michael H. Standart
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Emily Cunliffe

Hi everyone,

I think if I went on to the Titanic, I'd get on at Southampton as an Edwardian lady and very well to do! I'd like to bring back the ships' log it would hopefully answer quite alot of questions. Well that would be after I'd tried out the Turkish bath and gym ( I need to get into shape anyway, and what a perfect way to go about it! Only thing is I'd have to take a pair of shorts with me, no way am I sitting on the exercise bikes with a huge great dress on covering the ankles! I would end up getting caught on the pedals and going down with the ship, not a pleasant thought) The restaurants I would definitely try to see whether the food was the best or exquiste! I might even have time for a chat with the Captain,Officers and passengers! Oh and not forgetting Ethelbert and Cook in the lifeboat, what flavoured sandwiches are they?! Forgive me if I disturb your concentration whilst playing cards.
If there is one thing though which stands out in my mind, and that's making sure the Navartil boys were safe.

Best wishes
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Addison Hart

How would I spend my voyage on Titanic? Well, itercepting Wireless messages of course, stopping the plans of an evil German Colonel who tried to get the plans for British troops deployments, and nibble pastries in the Cafe Parisian. That aside, I'd probably be trying to bribe some officer for a place in a lifeboat or something. Hee Hee.

Dec 7, 2000
I myself would board early with a camera and plenty of film, head straight for C79 and C81 and take pictures of the cabins, then in 1998 sell them for hefty sums to show what the cabins behind the big piece really looked like :)

Also with plenty of time on my hands I would visit the other areas of the ship, cabins and public rooms and start my own H & W archive of the Titanic.

When it's time for passengers to board (Southampton and Cherbourg) I would try finding out the cabin numbers of all first class passengers and solving the mysteries that fascinate me so much. One big one is where Molly Brown was. I'll probably follow her to her cabin to know for myself where she was.

That done I'd join Geoff, Pat and Randy in the lifeboat (if they don't mind) and munch on the cabin biscuits provided. When on shore, I'd finally send Geoff 12 pounds for his bravery and the lost luggage which he couldn't take into the boat ....... no I’m not bribing him!

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Matthew Lips

Mar 8, 2001
Hi all.
I'd get off at Queenstown with a trunk full of exposed film of the Titanic and wait for the Olympic to pitch up and take me the rest of the way!

Matthew L.
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Alesandro Jonathan Slark

I would like to be an Edwardian. I'd be an Irishman, sailing with his wife and son. I would be in the part of the ship with the men, and my family would be with the women on the other side. I would know about the disaster immediately, and go to my family and take them up to the boats. I would die with the men if I has to, but first, I would try to help mothers struggling with their young ones, e.g., the Paulson, the Rices, the Panulas, etc. I would also try to help save any children traveling alone.
Jul 10, 2005
It makes me curious as to how history as we know it would be changed if Titanic never sank. How would it effect the world as we know it today???

I like the time travel aspect of it. I would like to go back in time and stop the tragedy from happening.....I would drive Captian Smith, Thomas Andrews and J Bruce Ismay nuts until they listened to me. Of course, they might have had me thrown in the brigg.

There still are the but's and what if's involved.
And we can't go back in time and change what has already occured.

If we could, would anyone really have listened to us about the iceburg and slowed down, changed course? How would it alter all those peoples lives who were involved???

If we could relive it, we would definately have more answers than we do now. Heck, we could even add more lifeboats before she sailed!!! Ok, Ok, steamed.

I believe that even with all the warnings that were given and ignored, she still would have sank out of sheer arrogance. Everyone was too over confident, mistakes were made... there you have it. I think that if someone HAD told them what was going to happen, they would not have changed a thing to stop it.

Just my 2 cents worth.


Oh!! Does anyone have any information as to people in 3rd class not being able to get up through locked gates??? I know that this is still a major controversay to this day, and I would like some feedback from everyone on this please.


Kyrila Scully

Apr 15, 2001
South Florida
Beverly, That was an episode of "Time Tunnel" when it first premiered on TV in the 60's. James Darren tried his best to persuade the Captain that the ship was in danger, but it didn't work.
So much for time travel.
BTW, you can type "locked gates" in the search engine and locate recent threads providing the information you need. Hope this helps.

Trent Pheifer

I would board the Titanic at Southampton as a first-class Edwardian. Just off the boat-train. On board I would bring my 100 or so rolls of film, cant forget my inflatable lifeboat!! I would explore every inch of the ship...somehow I would find a modern day video camera too. I would have a couple of chats with Lightoller, Mr. Astor, visit with everyone. Then I would go to second class and visit a long time with Ruth Becker and her family. I think I would stay up for the whole voyage--just so I don't miss anything.

Apr 7, 2001
It wouldn't matter where I boarded. I'd be a crewmember watching the lookout for the berg. I'd have Murdoch step aside for awhile to take a cup of tea or something, on April 14. I would socialize all I could and enjoy the beautiful ship no matter what class I was in. Being aboard the great luxury liner would be the highlight of my life. I'd eat the food available and drink of the drink available. I would party and just have a good time, but I would also make sure I was on that lookout on April 14 so I could hit the berg head on instead of scraping it. Cheers, everyone!

Sandra LaHair

Hi, I am new to the board, but my obession with the Titanic runs deep (no pun intended). My love of the sea was the reason I joined the US Navy for twelve years, never to set sail. It was that Private Ryan thing, being the only surviving child of your parents. Not to offend any liberated ladies, but I don't believe women belong in combatant situations, no matter how well they are trained. (That is another subject) But if I could board, I'd be 21st century with a few extra pair of binoculars for the crow's nest. And rolls and rolls of film. I would also like to know if S.W. Stanton and I were related. (My maiden name) Great boards, great site.


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