Howard Wright


Judy Buck-Glenn

I have a friend who swears that her great uncle, Howard Wright, was lost at sea in the Titanic. She believes he was a crew member. But I cannot find him on any crew list. I realize he could have died in a different shipwreck and the family could have recalled it as being the Titanic. Or he could have used a different name, or even used his middle name--which I don't know--in preference to his first name. He was born in 1871 near Worcester. I can find him on UK censuses living with his mother Ellen until 1901. But I can find no trace of him after that. Has anyone ever heard of this Howard Wright?

Tad G. Fitch

I would never say it's impossible, given that people sometimes used aliases, but I would say that if his name is not on the sign-on list, then it is improbable that he was actually a crew member, since he was not set up to receive pay. I would still encourage your friend to investigate the story, sometimes family stories get garbled in the translation, or details confused.

All my best,