Hudson JC Allison and Hudson Trevor Allison

mary mason

Aug 24, 2003
sorry about the ameture title, i couldn't think what to call it.
first of all, i was wondering if anyone has ever found an obituary for Hudson J.C Allison? i think his funeral was on May 2nd 1912.

and the other thing is, i have been in touch with a relative of the Allison family, he sent me a picture from a book of Chesterville people. it was taken after 1912 and among the Allison/Johnston family members, there is a little boy, he looks to be between the ages of 4 and 6. his name is Hudson Allison, and he is sitting near to Hudon J.C's brother George.
i wondered if anyone has seen this pic, and also if they think it could be baby Hudson, as an older child?
i hope that makes sense.
Dec 12, 1999
Hi Mary,

The boy in the photograph you mentioned was young Hudson Trevor Allison, taken around 1917. The picture, contained in a family scrapbook, is owned by descendents of Hudson Allison's brother. There are many photos of young Trevor in that scrapbook, and the family has shared many of them, and often has the book displayed at the Chesterville library around the time of the Titanic anniversary.

So many of the photos depict a happy young Trevor - always smiling and having fun in the photos. His relatives appear reserved and solemn in many of the images with Trevor. It is nice to think that despite the tragedy that surrounded his first years, that there were happy times for him in the few years he had left.

Michael Findlay

Andrew Y Liu

Sep 4, 2006
hi grant,
i heard from some people that he ate a poisonous pizza which killed him. i do NOT think that is true. others say that he was sick for a very long time. RUMORS!

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