Hugh Hatch


Alan Sweeney

My family are currently tracing our family tree and we came across the above crew member who was a scullion on board the ship. He lived in Southampton. If anyone has any idea of his relatives etc please contact me through this site or through my email at [email protected]

Andrew Williams

Hello Alan,

Welcome to the board and happy New Year. Well, almost anyway!

Once the Xmas holidays are finally over with I am planning to pop down the local Registrary Office at Romsey. Ideally to check up his actual date of birth and briefly check the baptist records as well.

All indications are showing that Hugh was born in the district of Romsey, although during the disaster year of 1912, all of his family were living just up the road from where I am living today at West Wellow.

Hugh also had (I think from memory, and please forgive as I do not have any my notes sitting directly in front of me at present moment) either three or four sister's. One of his sister's was married and became known as Mrs Giles, that's according to the Titanic Relief Fund - Southampton Committee - and subsequently she in turn, was to receive all the payments on behalf of the family.

Hope this helps but if you would like to contact me privately, I will be more than happy to provide you with some more details.


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