Hugh McElroy and Father Phillip Corr

Richard Corr

Jan 1, 2010
Was Father Phillip Corr (aka John Henry Corr) onboard the SS Carpathia at the time of Titanic disaster? I haven't seen his name listed on the passenger/crew list. However, the following encyclopedia-titanica webpage says he was:

I assume this is authoritative as it is part of the encyclopedia-titanica website. It mentions my Great Uncle, Father Phillip Corr. Here are the relevant details selected and pasted from the above webpage:

Father Phillip Corr finished his studies and eventually served as a Roman Catholic Parish Priest in Swanage, Dorset for 25 years. At the time of the “Titanic”￾ disaster, Corr was returning home from Canada after visiting relatives there, the ship on which he was returning was the “SS Carpathia”￾.

This sounds very exciting and I would love to have it confirmed. However, I cannot see him listed on any of the lists for the Carpathia on your site. Either the lists are not complete, I am not looking in the right place, or this story simply cannot be true. Does anyone know who wrote wrote this particular webpage? I would be very grateful if you or anyone else can help me discover the real truth behind this story. Thankyou very much.

Richard Corr

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