Hughes Bolckow teak

Hi! I am a collector of souvenir items made from the teak/timber from broken up ships. If anyone has any Hughes Bolckow Shipbreaking Company items I would be interested in hearing from you.
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Hi Simon,
I would love some detailed information on that firm. Do you have any data about them to share? I collect Mauretania and many of her teak souvenirs bear that little brass plaque.

Eric Longo
Hi! Eric

I do have some info. on the company. I think I have some adverts relating to the items they made from the teak from the ship. As you probably already know they did not break up the ship. They did though have some teak sent down from the sister company so that they could make some souvenirs, small barrels for cigarettes and matches. They also made some garden furniture. The small barrels you see that have the words "old lady of the Atlantic" written on the plaque were made by a different company and I think these barrels are in fact made of pine from the ship. Somewhere amongst my items I do have some copies of the catalogues from the company that prodcuced these barrels. When I get a chance i will locate them and get back to you. Let me know where you are located and I will send them to you. Do you by chance have one of the copper medals made from the ship's metal? They were produced to celebrate the launch of the second Mauretania. Good to hear from a fellow collector. Regards, Simon
Dear Simon,
Yes, I either have or have had those scrap items in my collection. Please write me at the address you see below in my sigline - I am having trouble with the PM thingie here.

Eric Longo
I have a hostess trolley made by this company from Aquitania when she was scrapped at Faslane in 1950-1. It has the Hughes Bocklow plaque fitted and is the largest item I have seen made by them. They owned a shipbreaking yard at Blyth too but invariably purchased the teak and pine as salvage from other shipbreakers.

Hi Simon;
I have a client that has a nine piece set of teak furniture that is labeled by the Hughes Bolckow Shipbreaking Company.
She is interested in selling the set. Please contact me if you are interested. I have seen the pieces and they are in good condition.
Hi! Mary, me thinks Micheal is very much mistaken......!!! Can you tell me the name of the ship the furniture your friend has is made from and which country the furniture is based. Thanks, Simon. You can email me direct at [email protected] if that suits.
Hi All,

From reading and looking, it seems the smaller treen items were made of Yellow Pine, not Pitch, which has been mentioned online. More to come.

From a brand new member. I have obtained a garden seat of teak and with the Hughes Bolckow label naming the ship Enchantress. The seat is very well proportioned 4-5 seater 7 feet long and is Bow shaped in its plan. It requires some serious t.l.c which I can administer but I do require some ex-ship teak to keep it authentic. Anyone got a piece approx 4ft long 8" x 6" which I can cut into curved seat slats, please?
Also, anyone any knowledge of this ship from about 1890-1905?
Many thanks in anticipation.
John Lab
I’ve recently came into owning a door made from the admiralty yacht enchantress I’ve done as much research as possible but given how rare they seem to be I can’t find any follow ups on what they’ve been sold for, I’ve currently got it sat in auction waiting to go in, but any information would be much appreciated! Thank you