Hull-contour of 3rd class D-Deck cabins D133 & D137


Dec 11, 2012
I'm trying to understand the layout of cabins D133 & D137.

These are stern cabins on D deck which follow the outside hull where it begins it's great arch over the rudder. The floors of these rooms are curved in the corner (about half of D137 has a sloped floor).

Both cabins have a corresponding porthole in the hull of the ship, but D137 (and possibly D133) have a partitioning wall which cuts off the cabin from the porthole.

Here are my questions: What did these partitions look like? Did they have some kind of window inthemt? Were they only waist-high with a shelf on top extending to the hull wall? If not, was there a means of accessing them?

Bonus question:
The Bruce Beveridge blueprints show the hull cavity aft of C137 as Storage, but I don't see any access to that space - where was it?


Jul 1, 2015
Tacoma, WA
To answer bonus question. looking at the bulkhead plans, reproduced in Titanic the Ship Magnificent vol. 1, there are what appear to be doors located on the bulkhead on E, F and G. These were 4ft by 2 1/2ft. I'm guessing, based merely on the fact that they are cut into the bulkhead, that these were hinged watertight doors, though I have no way of truly knowing.

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