I found this picture on the net and dont know which is real

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Jeremy Watson

Which one is the way the ship(Britannic)looks today. Left or right!?! I think its the one on the right, but Im not shure. [Images removed.]

Adam Leet

The image on the right would be most accurate. One side comment, however. Ken Marschall hates to see his artwork on the web. I would imagine he wouldn't like having these around either.

Unfortunately, as I'm not a moderator for this particular folder, I can't do anything about the pictures. The pictures are of Ken Marschall's paintings of the Britannic and are copyrighted.

An admonishment to all, please refrain from posting copyrighted images here unless you have the specific permission of the copyright holder. If you have any doubts then assume it's copyrighted.

BTW, my understanding is that the second painting is the more accurate one.
But getting back to the (illegally posted) pictures -

If I recall correctly, the one on the right is a re-done version of the one on the left, after Ken got a look at more material, and even a look at the ship itself in one of Ballard's expeditions.
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