I got to meet Kate Winslet

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Hillary Kidd

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Well, maybe this isn't as exciting to everyone else as it was to me, but I as pretty happy.

I was in New York City this past week for vacation and I attended the opening night of the preview for Gypsy on Broadway. My sister and I were sitting there waiting for the play to start and I see Kate Winslet walking down the aisle to her seat. So after intermission I decide to ask her for an autograph. Since she was sitting on the aisle of the first row of the upper balcony it was easy to reach her. I knelt down beside her and said very quietly "Excuse me Ms. Winslet." "Oh (big smile), yes?" "I'm sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if I could trouble you for an autograph?" "Oh, of course." (another smile) I handed her the napkin I swiped, a Gypsy program to write on, and a pen. "Thank you so much. You are one of my favorite actresses, I really do appreciate it." "Oh, you're welcome. What was your name?" "Hillary." "With one L or two?" "Two. H-I-L-L-A-R-Y. I just adored you in Iris, that was a wonderful film." She looked up at me with a little bit of a surprised expression. "Thank you, that's very sweet." I guess Iris doesn't get mentioned as much a Titanic or Life of David Gale. Anyway, she finished signing and then handed me my stuff and I thanked her again.

She was so friendly and nice about it. I was a bit nervous and afraid I was invading her time off, but she seemed okay with it. My autograph said . . . "To Hillary, Best wishes to you. From, Kate Winslet."

So that was my excitement of the week. I swear she is far more beautiful in person and so tiny. I can't imagine anyone ever considering her overweight. . . Thanks for letting me share my fun experience . . .


Karin Kasper

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Hillary, that is very cool. I love hearing about celebs who are actually nice to their fans.

And Iris is a great movie...I highly recommend it for anyone.
Great story, Hillary. There is an autograph store downtown that currently has Kate's Swim Dress and coat for sale ($38,000). It is a petite dress, petite in the waist and in length. I'm also pleased to know that not all actors and actresses are reluctant to sign autographs or speak to fans. I suspect this is due to the fact that Ms. Winslet does not live in Hollywood.

What I want to know is how are all the dresses you see on Ebay that say Kate Winslet wore always for sale? Were there many copies made of the same dress? Also, speaking of Kate being very slim, I also saw a celebrity this weekend at the Azalea Festival in Wilmington, NC Saturday, Tracey Bregman (plays Lauren Fenmore on Young and the Restless) and she also looks looks much slimmer in person.

Jason D. Tiller

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Hi Hillary,

What an experience! As posted above, I'm also glad to hear that celebrities take the time to sign autographs.

Kate Winslet is one of my favourites as well.

Best regards,

that is so awesome! I am so jealous!!! I really wanted to see her while she was filming the life of david gale here,but I never had time! However,one of the extras on the set,who works at sea world here in san antonio let her come into the park durning the off season with her daughter,Mia! She and Mia had a great time and loved it her in my city!!
BTW:The life Of David Gale is a great movie!
omg hillary you are so lucky. i was reading your story and getting more and more and more jelous i think i could cry!!! And Kate lives so near me and i never see her :'( its so unfair!!! I think its nice when a fan says they like a less recognized film because it shows they really are a fan. If i met her i would definatley say i thought she was amazing in hideous kinky and holy smoke - has anyone seen those movies?
My little bit of excitement was when i got to meet Jonathan evans Jones, who played wallace hearly in titanic - i hugged him lol and sed i thought he was an amazing musician - coming from someone not keen on classical music lol - that was pretty kool for me.

Caroline Chavez

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Kate lives NO WHERE NEAR ME!
I'm all the way in California!!! You are so lucky to have met her. But i picture it as every celeberty gets the same thing over and over and over again.(OMG you are so beautiful, OMG i love you, Your my favorite actress!!!!) Stuff like that, they get it all the time. Now to me i see it if i went up to KAte Winslet and told her what i really felt about her as an actress and as a person, she hears it all the time. I would feel as if she woudlnt think it is important. (I don't think anyone understand what i'm trying to say) I can't even make it out in words what i'm trying to say, LOL. Well i love Kate, shes a great person and actress. (i'm sure she gets THAT all the time!)
-Caroline :)

Lacey Shine

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OMG I wish I were you at that time! Kate Winslet did such a great job on that movie. I dont think she recieved all the credit that she deserved. She is an incredible actress and I wish I could meet her too!

Rachel Walker

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Kate is the best actress i have ever seen (aside from julie andrews). i wish i could meet her. my cousin is friends with leonardo dicaprio (her best friend married his manager). She got to walk down the isle with him at the wedding. i envy her!!! of course, i would want it to be at my own wedding, not someone else's. oh, well, a girl can dream cant she? anyway, my cousin doesn't believe in autographs (who knows why) so she wont get me one. well, my story isn't as great as hillary's, but its still pretty cool to me.
I loved her in "Heavenly Creatures".

btw, what is her accent? In what part of England do people have the 'Winslet' acccent?

She was brilliant in "Jude", though that was the most depressing film I have ever seen...

I seldom get smitton over celeberties I'll likely never meet, but given a chance of being stranded on an island with Barbara Bush or Kate Winslet, rest assured Ill take Kate.

Kate is the most seductive actress since Natassia Kinski, and both are hotter than the boilers in bolier room #6 an hour before Titanic struck an iceberg....
If I ever meet her I'll carry a Risan Horgon figurine so as to convey my interest...


Tarn Stephanos
Another flick I thought she was fabulous in was "Hideous Kinky" as a young mother trying to win back her former spouse. As beautiful and talented as Kate is, I wonder how long she will be getting lead roles in Hollywood? Often, as I'm sure you know, "older" actresses have a harder time landing leading roles.
Kate will be appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine with Cate Blanchett and Uma Thurman, on newstands February 8.

I will be sure to grab a copy!
Kate Winslet is a great actress, whatever anybody can says. I loved to see her in "The Life of David Gale" and "Finding Neverland". She has all the qualities I appreciate on a celebrity: she's discreet, nice, always with a smile, and she doesn't make all that extravagance and fuss that American stars from Hollywood usually do. Some weeks ago I was glad to see in the newspaper that Winslet is in the first place in the list of the most beautiful British women. It was based up on a inquiry and most of British women considered her to has the most perfect body in UK. My brother is always melting when he sees Keira Knightley but I told him she can a be a reasonable actress but it's still a kid. Kate Winslet has simmultanely a princess's behavior with a informal attitude and I started to like her even more when I discovered she's married with Sam Mendes, a director with Portuguese ancestry, and the couple have houses in London, Cornwall and New York. I hope she has a fantastic career and I'm crossing my fingers for her to become a well-known name in Hollywood. You may not be surprised that I only see the Academy Awards show if I'm sure she is going to cross the red carpet.

Regards, João
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