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I met Kate Winslet

Discussion in 'James Cameron's Titanic (1997)' started by Charlene Jones, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. (I've posted this in a few places, so apologies if you see it more than once!)

    Kate arrived after 6pm. She spent ages with the press, and signed autographs for fans that were in a different area than where I was. Then she went inside the cinema, and I was really disappointed. I thought that my chance of getting her autograph was gone. But then a few minutes later, she came out again. So I waited. But she didn't sign anything, and went back indoors again! But THEN, several minutes later, she came out of the Odeon for a third time and this time she actually came over to my group.

    I was frantic. I could see she was going to skip me, so in a moment of desperation I told her I'd been outside for eight hours. She was shocked, and said "Oh my goodness!", sounding amazed that anyone would do that for her, and so she took my pen and went to sign my DVD. Except my pen didn't work, but that was okay because she had her own. I told her she was my favourite actress and she seemed flattered. She had a nice, homely way about her and I'll always be grateful to her for taking pity on me. I think she saw what a freezing, wet mess I was, LOL.

    Here's a picture of the autograph:

  2. Jason D. Tiller

    Jason D. Tiller Moderator Member

    Congratulations, Charlene! It's not everyday you get the chance to meet a very talented actress, such as Kate Winslet; you're very fortunate.
  3. WilliamsT

    WilliamsT Member

  4. Aaron_2016

    Aaron_2016 Member

    It is a wonderful experience to see them up close. I used to live in London and watch the stars walk up the red carpet. Saw Leo and Kate together one year. The crowd certainly went crazy when Leo approached us, and for some odd reason Meryl Streep blew me a kiss. Must have mistaken me for someone else. :oops:



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  5. It wasn't at you Aaron. Look behind you.
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  6. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member


    And it doesn’t surprise me that Charlene had a good experience. Kate always seems very humble in her interviews.