I need assistance J Peterman items

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Mar 19, 2005
I need to sell all of my Titanic memorabilia to help a family member, much of it is J peterman items.
I have links to a few items ( Mine are identical, but these are not my images)
I have the above item w/o cert of authenticity

I have that item WITH a cert

I have the ships bow, w/o cert

I have the bench, w/o cert but with original box.

I have the deck chair, w/o cert but with original box

I have the Binnacle ...not sure if I have the box, no cert.

I also have J Peterman items
A tea cup and saucer, in excellent condition.
A salad plate, same condition.

In addition I have some Franklin mint items, Rose's dresser and chair ( for the doll)
The blue miniature safe with the necklace.

My husband shuffled around my stuff so many times,, so a few of the certificates are somewhere in my house but probably lost.

I desperately need help pricing these items, my sister needs some financial help, I have no money so I am doing what I can, which is selling off my collection.
THANK YOU for ANY help you can provide
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