I need help tracing an ancestor


I found out last week one of my ancestors was onboard the Titanic. She was 1st or 2nd class, forename Sarah. All of my family have been born in Cardiff, Wales, U.K - so there should be some Welsh link. Does anybody know any passengers that may match? Bit vague but I've just started trawling through the masses of info available. Apparently she was going to USA to start new life with her husband but I have no other names!

All the best.
Hi Lester,

Thanks for the suggestion, ufortunately I will need to find out more about Sarah's relatives before I can confirm if she is the one. What I really need to discover is if Sarah had any nieces and if so what their names were?
Thanks Lester. I'm starting to wonder if the info my older relatives gave me is accurate or indeed if an ancestor of mine was ever on the titanic. I know that part of the family lived in Spain for sometime as well as Wales. If what they say is correct the ancestor onboard would have been related somehow to a William Francis Lewis or a Sarah Agnes Jones!