I Need to do Research on John B Thayer


Tom Zainea

This fall I begin a long National Tour in the Broadway musical TITANIC. Since I will be playing John B. Thayer, any and all info on him and/or his family would be greatly appreciated.
You can email me at
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Joshua Gulch

Mar 31, 2001
Or should I say Mr. Thayer? Congratulations on getting the part! Do you know if Titanic: A New Musical's Official Site will be updated to reflect this new tour? Or will tour dates be posted elsewhere? It's a show I'd love to see, but wasn't able to before.

I have the soundtrack and am a big fan of it, regardless of the liberties that were taken. I may as well add that one of my favorite parts comes from Thayer and Guggenheim:

"I don't like the way this sounds."
"Not a bit, not a bit, not a little bit."
"We spent eighteen-hundred pounds!"
"Not a bit, not a bit, not a little bit."
"This is not the sort of a voyage we paid for! I demand to know what the ship is delayed for! Right now!"

Good stuff, and good luck.


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