I Saw Three Ships

May 3, 2002
Wellington, New Zealand
by Patrick Cundy, 2012, Grosvenor House Press.
Is written in the persona of a Falkland War veteran who comes across some old papers while clearing up his deceased mothers' estate.
what he finds takes him on a journey back to the North Atlantic on a cold April night.
To the decks of the Titanic, the Californian and a mysterious ship in between them. Who was the ship in between? and why was she acting so strangely?
What unfolds challenges the assumptions of all that has gone before and brings the agendas of the powerful in to question and questions their integrity.

I saw three Ships reads like fictional prose but raises new intereptations,
What do yo you think...?
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Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
I had a small hand in this book in the early stages. You'll find me in the acknowledgements. I'm glad to see it is now in print. It's a work of fiction, based around the Californian affair. I must read it again.

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