I say Phillip Gowan How much do you know about

Hi Richard--
How much do I know? Well, a moderate amount. What is it you're looking for on them? I've sent their death certificates to Phil Hind and both appear on this site. I also have lengthy Last Will and Testaments for them and I think (am at work away from my files) that I might have a World War I Registration for Mr. Snyder. One of their grandchildren who lives in Montana looks in on this forum from time to time and I've had some correspondence with him. Is there something specific you wanted on them?

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Hi Richard,
No, unfortunately both of the Snyder sons are dead. John Pillsbury Snyder, Jr., was the eldest of the children, born July 10, 1913. He continued to live in Hennepin County, Minnesota until his death on October 5, 1989. His brother Thomas was born March 12, 1915 and died in 1976--his mother outlived him. The third child is Susan Snyder Miller and to the best of my knowledge she is still living. It is her son Steve (Stevenson Rawley Miller) who pops in on Encyclopedia Titanica from time to time. Both of the Snyder sons had families of their own and some of them still live in the Minneapolis/Wayzata area (Helen Johnson, Susan McDowell, and Margaret Stankovsky). Steve Miller has a sister, Barbara Ryan, and I believe she also lives in Montana. John P. Snyder, Jr. also had a son, John P. Snyder, III -but he no longer lives in Minnesota.

I hope this is some of what you were looking for.

Phil! Phil! I got another question about the Snyders.
You see, I read that their boating experience on Lake Minnetonka (which I live just a hoot and a holler from, btw) helped them realize that the lifeboat they were in had no plug and was flooding. Thus initiating a successful search for it.
My question is: how often did they go boating on Minnetonka? Were they members of a yacht club?

Richard K.
Hi, Phil! I've noticed you've been fairly besieged lately -- Such is the price of expertise, eh? -- so I wanted to suggest a somewhat humorous proposal.

Have you ever considered putting all this to use by establishing a "Phil Gowan 900 Line", sort of like the game company "Hint Lines". (You know, $1.99 a minute or something like that.) You could probably rake in a small fortune!

(No offense intended to anyone.)
Phil, I've been trying to trace the family of Artur Olsen, age 9 on the Titanic, and his father Carl. They lived in Brooklyn, which is where his father settled after immigrating from Norway. My family likewise settled in Brooklin in the 1880s after immigrating from Norway. My Dad talks of visiting relatives in Brooklin when he was a child, but can't remember their names. Do you have any more information. My Grandfather Olsen left Brooklin at age 13 or 14 and eventually ended up in Philadelpia where he met my Grandmother and where I grew up. Any help would be appreciated. Norm
Hi Norm,
There is some good information on Arthur Olsen's background in the book "31 Norwegian Destinies" by Per Sebak. As you most likely know, his father was Carl Siegwart Andreas Olsen, born January 28, 1870 in Trondheim, Norway. According to Sebak, Carl immigrated to America in 1894 and became known as Charles--married and had the one son, Arthur Carl, before his wife died. He further states that Arthur was sent to Norway to the home of his grandmother, Anna Andreassen in Trondheim. The father remarried a woman named Esther.

If there are living relatives, they would be hard, though not impossible, to trace. Arthur did marry but had no children and later divorced. His obituary doesn't list any living relatives and although I've collected lots of wills and estate settlements of other passengers, I've never gotten his--but will do so at this prompting. As his mother was from New York, it may be that he has some living relatives on the maternal side.

I'll order the will over the weekend and let you know what I come up with.