I Thought I Won a QM2 Cruise But The Contest Turned Out To Be Bogus

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Jerry Nuovo

Jan 18, 2003
New Jersey,USA
There is a cruise website.If it is ok with the moderators on this board I will link the website here http://www.cruisefreekforum.com Anyway the owner of this website was conducting contests to win Independence Day and Christmas Cruises aboard the QM2 and another contest to win the maiden voyage cruise aboard the new Queen Elizabeth next year.The problem is that the website's owner who loved to portray herself as being very wealthy really was not and she does not have the money to pay for the cruises the contest winners who are members of the website thought they won.And I am one of them,I thought I won the Christmas Cruise aboard the QM2 but when the owner of the website does not have the money to pay for the cruises the contest winners thought they won that makes these contests bogus.Here is the link to the report http://thevacationstop.com/tina_story.pdf The owner of this website also posed as several bogus members of the website's message board for whatever crazy reason.Any comments? Regards,Jerry
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Perhaps this is a matter best taken up with the authorities. I don't know if there's much they can do about it since it doesn't look like any money changed hands. Beyond that, caveat emptor applies. If one wishes to enter a contest, make sure it's offered by a reputable sponsor.

Jim Kalafus

Dec 3, 2000
It seems slightly more plausible than those letters I regularly get from the son of the former "Minister of Finnance of Nigeria," asking me to help him smuggle $15,000,000.00 out of his country.

Was this a well intentioned person who got in over his or her head, or did you have to "verify your membership" by giving personal information? If the latter, do yourself a favor and call your credit card company tomorrow AM to get your number changed.
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